Parquet wooden flooring in many designs is made of high quality material

Parquet wooden flooring is a very good long lasting investment which adds value to your home. Before purchasing your new wooden flooring, you have to thoroughly think over about your wishes and expectations. We offer more than 480 variations of wooden parquet so we are sure you will find the one which suits all your criteria. Our suppliers from all around the world produce parquet wooden flooring in many designs. Production of high quality parquet wooden flooring is ecologic because wood which is used is from forests with sustainable management. Energy that is used in production process is from renewable sources. That means we care for environment and so do you if you buy our products. Many advantages of parquet flooring make it very popular and appreciated. Biggest advantage is life span of wooden flooring. If it is treated properly, it can last up to 100 years. Treatment has to be done correctly, regularly and with proper products. Another big advantage of parquet wooden flooring is added value your home gets with the installation of wooden flooring. Because wood is a natural product, it has great advantage which is ability to accommodate to temperature changes. In winter it is warm to the touch and in summer it is cool.


Cleaning of parquet wooden flooring is done with vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth

For regular every day cleaning of parquet flooring, we recommend vacuum cleaner and slightly damp cloth. All hard particles like little stones or sand can cause scratches and dents in parquet wooden flooring. They can easily be removed with vacuum cleaner. After vacuuming, damp cloth can be used to remove any dried up stains or foot prints. Cloth should be slightly damp because cleaning with wet cloth can damage wooden flooring. You can also use cleaners for parquet wooden flooring which add shine and nice smell to floors. For cleaning parquet wooden flooring don't use water vacuum cleaners or steam mops because the humidity from them will damage it.

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Special cleaners are used after installation of parquet wooden flooring for protection

Parquet flooring treatment is different for lacquered or oiled flooring. After installation of lacquered parquet flooring, it has to be cleaned with special cleaner which contains a small percentage of lacquer. This cleaner forms a protective layer which has to be renewed at least once a year. Complete treatment of lacquered parquet flooring has to be done once ever decade. If you choose oiled parquet wooden flooring, you have to clean it after installation with special cleaning agent. This cleaning agent should be used once a month. Beside cleaning agent, maintenance oil has to be applied periodically, at least once a year.

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Parquet wooden flooring with many advantages is suitable for every home

There are many beautiful parquet flooring designs that can be created with our products because we have such vast assortment. If you would like to design gorgeous traditional look of your home, we would recommend wooden flooring in dark colour or medium colour. Dark coloured parquet wooden flooring can be harmonized with light coloured furniture and light walls. This way a contrast is made, which is very beautiful and appealing. Your home gets an inviting cosy feel. For modern appearance of your home, it would be best to use light coloured parquet wooden flooring and combine it with dark furniture and dark walls. This is very elegant and sophisticated look which never goes out of style. If you would like your rooms to have tranquil calming feel, you have to combine light coloured wooden parquet and light furniture. Advantage of medium coloured wooden parquet is its versatility and use for creating all kind of designs, from traditional to modern. Medium coloured parquet wooden flooring looks good when it is combined with furniture in all colours and walls painted in any colour.