Click lock laminate flooring is locked in place without use of specific tools

Click laminate flooring is very easy and quick to install. Each plank has a groove and a tongue which lock together perfectly. Planks are placed one beside another and clicked together with almost no use of force. Anybody can install click lock laminate flooring however if you don't have any prior experiences with laminate installation, it is wise to seek help from professionals. Click together laminate flooring has to be laid according to some basic rules. If rules are not followed, there are many problems which can occur later on. In case gaps start to occur, there is a big probability water and dirt will get into gaps. That can cause swelling of laminate click lock flooring and growth of mold. With both problems there is only one solution and that is replacement of click lock laminate planks. If installation is done correctly you can look forward to long life span of your click lock laminate flooring. Click together laminate flooring is very popular choice of homeowners because it is very easy to install, it is budget friendly and it looks stunning.

Click lock laminate flooring is suitable for installing on any kind of surface

laminate flooringBefore click laminate flooring installation, surface on which laminate will be laid has to be thoroughly and correctly prepared. Click laminate flooring can be installed on all surfaces like concrete, wooden floors, tiles and even on carpets. All surfaces have to be clean, dry and levelled. Those are basic requirements for proper installation of click lock laminate flooring. If click lock laminate flooring is laid on newly built concrete surface, you have to wait for it to dry completely. Humidity of concrete floors can be checked with a special meter. If concrete surface is not dry enough and you lay click laminate flooring, humidity from concrete can damage click lock laminate flooring to a point it has to be completely replaced. If planks start to swell, they have to be replaced with new ones. It is also very important that surface is levelled. If it is not levelled, click lock laminate flooring will have dents and bulges which cause deformation of click together laminate flooring. Because planks are not stable and firmly clicked together, gaps start to show.

Underlayment gives stability and protection to click lock laminate flooring

We strongly recommend use of good quality underlayment for click lock laminate installation. Underlayment has many functions. It is a water, sound and temperature barrier. It provides good stability and allows natural contraction of click lock laminate flooring. Underlayment levels out small surface imperfections of subfloor which could be the reason for bad stability. We also advise installation of vapor barrier which is additional protection against humidity. It is placed under underlayment. There are many types of underlayment. Most commonly used underlayment for click lock laminate flooring is foam. It is budget friendly and easy to install. There is only one thing you have to be careful when laying foam underlayment. It can easily get damaged and it loses its functions. Other types of underlayment for click lock laminate flooring are rubber and cork. Both provide high protection of click lock laminate flooring against humidity which can be most damaging.

click laminate flooring

Click lock laminate flooring can be installed with floating or gluing method

Click laminate flooring installation is done with floating method. With floating method no glue is used, laminate simply floats on underfloor. Click installation is very clean, it leaves no mess behind. It is health and environment friendly because there are no toxic fumes from glue. There is no sanding and lacquering of click lock laminate flooring because it comes prevarnished. So you don't have to worry about sanding dust and fumes from lacquer which are not beneficial when inhaled. When installation is done, laminate flooring can be used right away.