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Best manufacturers and amazing parquet flooring patterns

parquet flooring style patternsLooking for the best parquet flooring manufacturers, that offer high-quality parquet flooring types? And a stylish parquet flooring? At Floor Experts we export our products worldwide, to more than 40 countries, and have the best suppliers from Europe, Asia and South America and Solidfloor is our main parquet flooring manufacturer. Solidfloor is a parquet flooring manufacturer that has technologically advanced products and always creates impressing and almost magical collections. Solidfloor parquet flooring patterns are stylish and we are sure that you will be very pleased with the quality of our parquet flooring, style, colors, and patterns. Parquet flooring is a classical but classy choice for a flooring. Wood is natural and has many benefits. It is the best flooring material. Parquet looks good in every interior and it is very durable. Visit our site and be prepared to see high-quality flooring products and amazing parquet flooring patterns and colors that will enrich every home.

Classic and classy parquet flooring types and patterns: Old style parquet flooring

Having an almost limitless choice of parquet flooring patterns and colors. If you love old style parquet flooring take a look at our classic and classy parquet patterns. At floor Experts, you can choose among parquet flooring patterns such as herringbone, chevron, basketweave or just a simple brick parquet flooring pattern. At Floor Experts, you will get only high-quality products, like our parquet flooring. Style and elegance are what your home will gain by adding parquet flooring by Floor Experts.


Parquet manufacturers and different parquet flooring material

Wondering about how to choose the right parquet flooring manufacturer among a variety of solid wood parquet flooring manufacturers? Different parquet flooring manufacturers offer different parquet flooring material for their products. But there is no need to worry because at Floor Experts quality parquet flooring material is on the top of our list. Our priority is always creating high-quality parquet flooring with modern designs, interesting colors, and patterns. Parquet flooring is a durable flooring because wood is the best flooring material. Parquet at Floor Experts is the parquet to have.

Parquet flooring thickness: How thick is parquet flooring?

different materials parquet flooring manufacturersIf you are asking yourself how thick is parquet flooring, the answer is there is no unique parquet flooring thickness. Look at our collection of parquet and arrange the parameters as you like or choose the flooring you like and see more detailed information about it. You will see how thick is parquet flooring, how wide and long is it, if is it suitable for heating system and much more. When parquet flooring thickness is in question, there are a few things you should take into consideration, not only that the thicker the parquet is, the more expensive it is. For any questions about the proper parquet flooring thickness for your home, contact us and we will gladly advise you.