Warehouse for pharmaceuticals in optimal conditions

warehouseWarehouse for pharmaceuticals requires modern and safe spaces for quality storage of goods, raw materials and half finished products intended for pharmaceutical use. We are aware of the fact that a warehouse for pharmaceuticals is a space that requires special attention and is by definition a demanding task. Warehousing of goods must be essentially safe, protected from the humidity, fire-proof and carefully protected and at the same time provide the user with quick and simple distribution. Specially equipped establishment in Kranj is entirely prepared as pharmaceuticals warehouse. Contact us!


When the search for pharmaceuticals warehouse is over

pharmaceuticals warehousesWarehouse for medicine, dangerous materials and other substances for storing of which special standards are implied, an appropriate warehouse is required. The rental of warehouse spaces that meet all of the required demands for correctly equipped warehouse for pharmaceuticals can cause a problem. But we at company Oblč have a solution for you; we offer a rental option of warehousing spaces of 6.500 m2 which are modern equipped and adapted as a warehouse of pharmaceuticals. The building is entirely adapted as a pharmaceuticals warehouse. It meets all required standards that enable legal and safe warehousing for pharmaceuticals, but is also suitable for warehousing of products that require special temperature regime - the temperature can be controlled with the help of modern computer management system. Since controlling and using the warehouse for pharmaceuticals warehousing is not an easy task, we have also fully equipped auxiliary spaces: a laboratory, sterile space, office spaces and rooms for workers. Warehouse for pharmaceuticals has approximately 7.000 pallet spaces, three loading ramps and a modern truck drive-in. The flooring in the warehouse is waterproof (prevents spillage) in have a high load capacity. There are also extra-cautionary measures implied - a video surveillance system, extinguishing system, smoke and heat drain and automatic fire alarm. With us controlling the pharmaceuticals warehouse is care-free!