Warehouse for rent - simple, modern and affordable warehousing

Warehouse for rent at Oblč d.o.o. is reliable and affordable. We offer modern warehousing spaces for warehousing and distribution of demanding products. There are multiple warehousing options offered:

Our premises are located at a very good location in Kranj. We are only 1 kilometre away from the Ljubljana-Karavanke highway exit and only 5 kilometres away from the International airport Jože Pučnik, Brnik. Our establishment is appropriate for warehousing of high-demanding products of various industries in capacity of approximately 6000 pallet spaces.


Warehouse for rent - what it brings to you

There are 2 warehouses for rent in size 3750m2 in 1650m2. We also offer promotional space, laboratory and office spaces. Our auxiliary spaces are:

  • Electrical room
  • Server room
  • Vehicle-battery charging room
  • Cooling station
  • Gas boiler room
  • Biomass burning system with capacity of 600m3
  • Extinguishing sprinkler station
  • Extinguishing pool with capacity of 600m3

Warehousing food products and other industry products with us is simple, affordable and reliable. We devote a special attention to warehousing of chemicals.

warehouse for rentwarehousing for rent

Maximum security warehousing - the future of warehouse

The technical characteristics of our food products and other delicate products warehouses are in compliance with the highest standards. Offer includes:

  • Automatic fire alarm
  • Biomass or gas automatic heat system
  • Smart electro installations
  • Air ventilation
  • Recuperation of all premises
  • Sprinkler extinguishing system
  • 90-minutes fire sector

Time and time again we rely on the latest modern technology in devote our efforts to secure and quality warehousing.

For more information on our warehouse for rent, use the contact form on our website or call us on 041 618 481. We are sure that our modern warehousing system will definitely impress you.