Business premises for rent and affordable warehousing

Rental of business premises is a much more practical solution, than buying office space, for many companies. But, rental of business premises also demands some caution and carefully considering the available options - especially if you are deciding on renting facilities for a longer period of time.


Rental of business premises for a variable period of time

What are the features that all business premises should have? The rental of business premises must be well thought-out if you want to make a good impression on your business partners and ensure your employees have the optimal working conditions. We advise against the rental of facilities that seem too small from the very star, even though you feel like it is a very good deal. At first you may feel like space limitation will not be a problem, but it may have a negative impact on your business in the long run. Also, always make sure that there is enough light for you and your employees. The rental of business premises without appropriate lighting is not a good decision, even though you may save some money on the deal. Fortunately there are business premises available for rent with good natural lightning and at affordable price at the Oblč Company.

business premises for rentrental of business premises

Bright and neat business premises, warehousing facilities for rent

We are the right choice not only for those seeking affordable and neat business premises for rent, but also for anyone searching for warehouse facilities for warehousing of different products like spare parts, semi-finished products etc., at an affordable price. Our warehouse is located and a very easy accessible location in Kranj. It is suited for warehousing of spare parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food industry products and other different products. We ensure all the qualities of a modern warehouse. The rental of warehouse facilitates brings you a possibility of easy and safe storage and usage of different warehouse infrastructure. The rental combines affordable price and optimal warehousing conditions.