Warehousing of different products: affordable warehouse rental

Warehousing must always be adapted to a specific product, semi-finished products, raw materials etc. So, for example, chemicals warehousing requires different approach than warehousing food products. For chemicals warehousing, it is essentially important that all safety regulations are followed, which also means separation of different materials that could cause a dangerous reaction. Therefore, you have to be careful when comparing different offers with name ‘’warehouse for rent’’. If you are deciding on a renting a warehouse, you have to check all the conditions and before signing a lease, since no warehouse is the same as the other. Choosing the right warehouse is mostly up to your needs. The same goes for production facilities lease.


Proper warehousing prevents financial loses

Taking care of proper chemicals warehousing, food products warehousing and different products warehousing is often linked to security issues, but also financial issues. Inadequate warehousing can cause damage or breakage of products that can consequently become completely useless. Many people are misled by ads with a title as ‘’extremely cheap warehouse for rent’’. Usually, because of low-cost policy of warehouse owners, safety measures and maintenance standards are overlooked, which can cause long-term financial loses. If you decide to rent a warehouse offered by the company Oblč, you can be sure that although the price is reasonably low, those mistakes will not happen. Our warehouses are greatly maintained and follow all security standards and are therefore suitable for chemicals warehousing. Warehouses have a good air ventilation system and surveillance system due to our ‘’smart’’ and modern installations.

warehousingwarehousing for rent

Warehousing for rent at a very good location

Affordable price and a top-notch interior design are only two features that make our warehouses for rent a reasonable choice for your warehousing. An important advantage is also the warehouse location, which is in Kranj, only a kilometre away from the Ljubljana-Karavanke highway exit and 5 kilometres away from the International airport of Ljubljana. Facilities can also be used as a mid-stop in distributional logistics.