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Warehouse for rent at a affordable price

Warehouse must be a well-maintained facility with all necessary documentation and an operating permit for a warehouse facility. After all of these conditions are met, we can offer warehouses for rent to potential clients for warehousing of variety of products. The company Oblč offers warehousing facilities for rent, which are in a 7000 m2 building that is located in Kranj, close to Ljubljana-Karavanke highway exit. Warehouse with storage racks has space for approximately 6000 pallet spaces with all necessary infrastructure. Warehouse is also suited for warehousing with high storage racks.


Modern warehouse for safe warehousing of products

Good location and a large size are not the only great features of our warehouse. Rental is a smart solution for anyone that requires a safe space for storing delicate products, which require special attention while warehousing them. Our warehouse is therefore also suitable for storing products from industries like pharmaceuticals, chemistry, electronics and even products from food industry. We are fully aware that warehousing for food industry products and other industries we mentioned earlier, must follow specific safety measures, standards and regulations. That is why we provide optimal conditions for warehousing, including air-ventilation system with air exchange up to 0,8-times per hour, smoke and heat drain and an automatic fire alarm. Our warehousing facilities can also be a mid-stop in distribution logistics process for all companies that do not have their own logistics center.


warehousing for food products

An energy saving warehouse - rental that pays off

We have also taken care of thermal isolation for our warehouse. Rental is therefore linked to even lower costs since warehouse facilities are energy-saving buildings. Are you worried about accessibility of warehouse? Rental of warehousing facilities is a smart decision also because of easy accessibility. We have three loading truck ramps, truck drive-in, asphalted surface of 2700 m2 and an automatic importing door. Besides warehousing facilities, we also offer business premises or office spaces rental and manufacturing premises rental.