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Distributional logistics or package distribution and the role of warehouse

Distributional logistic is an expression that emphasizes all activities from the manufacturer of a certain product all the way to its final user. This can be either product distribution or package distribution of possibly many different products. Distributional logistics also takes care of the supply chain, where the distribution center has a very important role. It enables a more centralized supply of materials which also enables buyers to order the materials more promptly. Sometimes, a distribution center can be replaced by a well-organized warehouse.


Distribution logistics with a possibility of lower cost

One of the most important tasks of the employees in charge of distribution logistics, is also cost optimization or reducing cost. The distribution of products or package distribution, that is enforced at the lowest possible cost consequently enables higher profit for the company or a possibility, to offer their products at a much more affordable price.

For distribution logistics to be as efficient and economical as possible, companies also have to take into account the warehousing activities and costs that arise from it. Therefore, internal distribution is also an important part, since it’s the part where the material travels from the warehouse to manufacturing and after, the product transporting from the production back to the warehouse. The warehouse can be a rental, when the company doesn’t have its own properly maintained facilities at their disposal.

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Package distribution on time and without damage

In order to ensure the warehousing to be as simple and safe as possible and distribution logistics to be linked with the lowest cost, choose the company Oblč, where we offer an affordable rental of modern and well maintained warehousing facilities, which are in 7000 m2 building in Kranj. Because of the great location and a good organization, the package distribution is possible in a very short time period, when necessary. Distribution logistic is based on finding the way to deliver the product undamaged to the final user on the right time and the right place. With our help, it will not be a problem.