Manufacturing facilities and business premises for rent at an affordable price

Manufacturing facilities for rent are a necessity for many companies that do not have their own appropriately equipped spaces for manufacturing. At company Oblč, we offer a rental for manufacturing facilities that will fulfil all of your needs, but you can also decide on renting business premises or modern spaces for warehousing of raw materials.


What should you be careful with while searching for manufacturing facilities rental?

If you are planning on renting manufacturing facilities in the near future, we advise you to be very cautious while comparing offers. We advise against renting manufacturing facilities solely based on the price, because you have to take into account the availability of the equipment, elements arrangement, safety measures, the size of space, possible hidden costs etc. An important factor while planning manufacturing facilities rental is, of course, the location - a good location can strongly decrease the costs caused by distributional logistics. Renting facilities with our company is meant for clients that demand nothing but the best, bust still, the facilities rental is possible at the best price.

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The rental of business premises and warehousing facilities

You can get more detailed information about available facilities via phone or e-mail. Whether you are interested in business premises rental, quality warehousing spaces or manufacturing facilities, we will find the best possible solution for you. The rental of business premises combines great price and the best modern equipped spaces, which are also features of our clean and neat warehousing spaces. Quality warehousing spaces represent the largest part of our facilities in Kranj, made from armed concrete construction. Quality thermal isolation and smoke and heat drain are all taken care off in our warehouse. It is suitable for storing all kinds of products, even the most delicate ones. Next to two warehouses, one bigger and one smaller, you can find a promotional space and a ‘’clean room’ or a laboratory in our facility. We also enable easy access for larger transportation vehicles.