How to properly maintain cutting knife blade?

Cutting knife blade preparation is of a great importance, not only in our kitchens and homes, but also in many different industries worldwide. Modern knife steel is usually very high quality material, but nevertheless, all metal will corrode through time. In the following article we are going to present some tips on how to use a cutting knife and how to take care of it.


The key is to remove any potential rust spots from cutting knife blade

First of all, wipe the cutting knife blade with an oil-moistened cloth to prevent rust - especially if knifes are used mostly in a damp or corrosive environment. If the blade becomes wet, you should dry it thoroughly. If your knife comes into contact with salt water or any substance you are not certain about, you should rinse it immediately with tap water, dry it and apply a light coat of oil. But not only oil, also a good wax is an excellent protection. Check your knives often for possible trouble spots. If any stains appear, try removing the stain with a standard metal cleaner or polish. Blades made from most types of steel used in knives are not rustproof but are rust or stain resistant. As a result, steel blades should still be kept clean and wiped dry after use, especially many of the new high carbon steels like ATS-34, and CMP-T440V.


High-quality production of cutting knife blades

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Cutting knives

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