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What are pelletizing knives designed for and where do we use them?

Pelletizing knives are knives mostly used for recycling of different materials. They are applicable in extrusion of PET, PPT LPE and HDPE where the extruded material needs to be cut into small pieces - pellets. In TRO, we are manufacturing high-quality pelletizing knives that ensure quick and efficient working process. Pelletizing knives are used in various of industries, but mostly they are designed for plastics and recycling.
Pelletizing knives are made of different materials and contain numerous levels of hardness. The characteristic of the best pelletizing knives is that they are heat treated to three level of hardness, thereby they assure a good and clean cut, flexibility during the working process, additionally, they also prevent breakage. Pelletizing knives are thermal treated under the strict supervision of our experts and accordant to the quality requests.


As a leading manufacturer of blades in Europe our offer of knives is varied

But in TRO, we are not only producing knives for recycling. There are a lot of different blades available in our offer. We are one of the leading circular knives manufacturers as well as quality shredding knives and other types of knives. We are producing knives, used in a variety of different industries, such as wood and paper industry, metal industry or plastic industry.

Granulator knives for recyclingPelletizer knives for recycling

Granulator knives are as well as pelletizing knives, mostly used in plastics industry

Our granulator knives are applicable in recycling of plastic or in the production of PE, PP, PET, HD. Knives for plastic and recycling are made from most durable materials, which ensure long life span of the blades. Life span of the blades can also be prolonged with high-quality service we prepared for our customers. In addition, there is also heat and mechanical treatment available for all of our products, which will make knives even more durable and long-lasting.

For grinding of large waste material we use shredding knives

Shredding knives are used for grinding of large waste material. In TRO, we manufacture different shapes of shredding knives: cubes, square, rectangular and circular. Shredding knives are made from steel: 1.2379, 1.2343 and 1.2767.
Cutting tools, industrial knives and blades and other tools tested in crucial conditions, so in TRO we can guarantee that our tools work even in the most demanding conditions. Visit our web site for further information. In case of any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.