Knife holders ensure clean and precise cut throughout the cutting process

For a good and accurate cut, it is very important that the knife is fixed to the quality knife holder. In TRO we are not only producing high quality knives for a variety of industries but also knife holders, made from best materials that ensure clean and straight cut.


Different types of knife holder are available in TRO production

When buying an industrial knife holder, it is of a great importance that knife holder is made from the best materials that ensure good grip onto the knife. There are different types of knife holders available on the market; such as pneumatic knife holder, shear cut holders or score cut knife holders. In TRO we are mostly manufacturing knife holders for fixing so called cubes (knives for grinding). But if there is a special need, also other knife holders can be produced.

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Alloy steel ensures great durability of industrial knife holders

Knife holders produced by TRO are mostly made of alloy steel, such as 1.7147, which contains a higher content of other alloying elements such as nickel, silicon, chromium, manganese, etc. In comparison to the carbon. All these elements are added to improve the toughness of the steel, which makes best knife holders even more safe and assure efficient work of the knives. In addition, great safety can be assured with knife holders that will make your production process even quicker and more effective.

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Furthermore, there are many different cutting tools available in TRO

In addition, in TRO we are not only manufacturing best knife holders but also cutters, blades and cutting tools. There are cutting tools for different industries available. We are producing chipper knives, cutters and circular saw blades used in wood industry, knives for mills, knives for scrapshears and sheet metal and knives for metal recycling used in metal industry as well as guillotine knives and trimmer knives used in paper industry. Nevertheless, there are also blades for recycling different materials available in TRO. But not only that, we are as well providing high-quality and efficient service that will prolong the life of the blades you are using.
Visit our web site and take a look at a variety of industrial knife holders, we prepared for you. In case of any further question, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information.