If you have trouble with your palletizer equipment, such as palletizer knives, we can help you

Are you having trouble with your current pelletizer equipment, such as palletizer blades? Is your pelletizer knife not a good suite to your process? Does it get broken or need re-sharpening all the time? Let us help you get the most performance out of your pelletizer blades. Besides manufacturing many types of knives, we are also a leading manufacturer of palletizer equipment, such as palletizer knives and blades. Our mission is to decrease your pelletizing production costs while also offering a cost competitive pelletizer knives.


High-quality materials ensure long life-span of palletizer equipment

All of our palletizer equipment is built from high-quality components and other built-in parts and thus very long lasting. In addition, palletizer equipment is in compliance with the highest standards demanded worldwide. Furthermore, working with our equipment is easy, safe and time and cost efficient.

Palletizer blades are not only pre-made but can also be custom made

Pelletizer knivesIn TRO, we are highly specialized in producing tailor made pelletizer knives and pelletizer blades per sample. If you need your pelletizer knives manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now to see which type of palletizer equipment you need. In TRO, we will get you the quality pelletizer knives exceeding your requirements at a competitive price and always delivered on time. With this process we gained trust from even the most demanding customers all around the world.

Palletizer equipment is suitable for a variety of different industries

Our palletizer equipment can be used in a variety of different industries - from wood and plastic industry to paper and metal industry. To ensure precise and clean cut, our palletizer knives are made from steel, which is not only very durable, but also requires minimal maintenance. Palletizer blades will remain sharp for a long time even when used with the toughest of all materials. TRO palletizer equipment is designed and manufactured with an extremely high commitment to quality.

There is not only palletizer equipment available, but also many other types of products

Visit our web site where you can find out more about palletizer equipment we are offering you. Also do not miss the offer of other palletizing products and other cutting blades, we designed for you. All of our products are mate from high-quality materials. Furthermore, easy and safe use of palletizer equipment and other blades is assured. Choice of cutting knives is varied - find your industry and the perfect tool for your needs. You can choose between cutting knives and other blades for use in wood or paper industry and even in plastics and metal industry. Shredder circular blades are very popular nowadays, which are steel blades used for grinding larger pieces of rubber and plastics are manufactured for extreme conditions. In addition, there are also granulator knives, which are applicable in recycling of plastic or in the production of PE, PP, PET, HD and rollers for grinding smaller parts in slow speed granulators during the ejecting of plastics available.

Pelletizer equipment

Palletizer equipment is durable and user friendly, furthermore, prices are highly competitive

Palletizer prices are affordable and the life-span of machines is long. In addition, user friendly interface is ensured. Furthermore, work of palletizer equipment is time and energy efficient. In case of any questions about palletizer equipment or any other type of product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information.