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Circular saw blade knife with many qualities

Circular saw blades knifes have been a part of TRO sales programme for many years. TRO circular saw blade knives have many qualities: good cut requires an optimum combination of saw geometry, right number of teeth and adequate quality of carbide hardness. All of circular saw blade knifes are made from high quality materials that will ensure long life span of circular cutting knives.
There are many types of circular saw blade knives available:

  • Longitudinal cut saws: a longitudinal cut of soft, hardwood on table and multiblade circular saws.
  • Longitudinal cut saws with cleaners: a longitudinal cut of soft, hardwood, natural wetwood on table and multiblade circular saws.
  • General purpose circular saws: a cross cut of soft, hardwood on table and multiblade circular saws.
  • Cross cut saws: a cross cut of soft, hardwood and exotic wood, chipboards, plywood and MDF boards on table as well as multiblade circular saws.
  • Circular saws for non-ferrous metals and plastics: for cutting and trimming of thin-walled profiles and plates of non-ferrous metals up to 10 mm, plastics up to 6 mm on table circular saws, CNC cutting centres and on corner trimming machines.

Saw blade knife


Where do we use circular saw blade knives?

Circular saw blade knives are used in wood industry, where the term ”circular saw” refers to a hand-held, electric circular saw designed for cutting wood. Circular cutting knives are not only used in wood industry, but they can be also used for cutting rubber, textile, leather and paper. To cut any material precisely, blade must be sharp and lean. The saw blades used are quite large in diameter, operate at low rotational speeds and linear feeds. There are three common types of blades used in circular saws; solid-tooth, segmental tooth, and the carbide inserted-tooth. The circular saw is typically fed into the work piece horizontally and as the saw advances into the material, it severs the material by producing narrow slots. The material is usually held in place during the cutting operation by means of a vise. The chips produced by cutting are carried away from the material by both the teeth of the blade as well as the coolant or other cutting fluid used.

High-quality circular saw blade knives are in compliance with different standards demanded world-wide

ShredderWith circular saw blade knife produced by TRO, your cuts will be straight and clean. In addition, working with circular saw blade knives will be easy, safe and effective. Due to the user friendly interface, working with circular saw blade knives will be super easy and very quick. Furthermore, in TRO there is service of you cutting equipment guaranteed, with which we will prolong life span of cutting products.

Choose between circular slitter knife and circular machine knives made from durable materials

Visit our web site and take a look at circular saw blade knives we have prepared for you. You can choose from different types of knives, such as circular knife, circular slitter knife and circular machine knives. Prices of circular knives and other products are affordable, in addition, equipment will be durable and efficient. Furthermore, all our products are in compliance with the highest standards demanded all around the world. Our advantage is also, that we can provide our products in standard and custom shapes and sizes. Not only the manufacture and development of industrial knives for different brands, but also complete customer service is an important part of our activity. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information.