Leading supplier of granulator knives soled at competitive price

Granulating knives are mostly used for plastic recycling or for manufacturing of PE, PP, PET, HD. The meaning of granulator knives is big in many different industries around the world. In TRO, we are producing high-quality granulator knives, made from durable materials. Actually, in TRO we are one of leading suppliers of granulator knives and other cutting tools in the area. Recycling granulator knives are made from tool steel with a high grade of chrome, which provides high surface hardness, good toughness and strength, and very good wear resistance. Furthermore, granulator knives are processed on the most recent machines for mechanical treatment. For quality industrial granulating knives, the thermal treatment is crucial, therefore our granulating knives are thermal treated in the computerized vacuum heat-treatment facility. The knives are mostly manufactured of material 1.2379 and hardened up to the hardness 55-60 HRC. In TRO, we are not only producing granulator knives and other cutting tools, but are also offering the service of cutting tools. With the quality service we will prolong the life span of your cutting materials. But not only that, we will also ensure that your cutting tools will make a clear and precise cut, which will make your work easier and even more valuable. Are you having trouble with your current blades? Is your knife not a good suite to your process? Does it get broken or need resharpening all the time? Let us know about your problems and we will make your granulator knives or other blades cut like brand new ones again. With our well trained team and modern equipment we will repair the blade of knives so their cut will be clear and precise again.


Heat and mechanical treatment of recycling granulator knives and other blades

We are not only providing services for granulator knives and other blades, you can also choose heat treatment for your blades. In heat treatment, metals are processed in the latest computerized vacuum furnaces and in salt baths. Decades of Know-How and experience in heat treatment of metals assure you that the service is always performed professionally and correctly. Nevertheless, we are not only offering you heat treatment of metals but also mechanical treatment of metals. We perform the following service of mechanical treatment of metals:
- milling metals (max. work piece dimensions 2600x800 mm),
- milling castings (max. work piece dimensions * 1050x1350mm),
- profile grinding (max. work piece dimensions 720x350x350mm),
- surface grinding (max. work piece dimensions 3000x350x280mm).

granulator knives

Choose from a variety of knives available at TRO

Visit our web page and take a look at a variety of options we prepared for you. You can choose from many different granulator knives as well as other type of knives. There are blades for many different industries available at TRO. Don’t miss our special offer of recycling knives and shredders used in paper and plastic industry. In addition, we are also offering you different types of knives used in wood and metal industry. And don’t forget - all of our knives are made from high-quality materials that ensure long life span of the blades. In addition, with our service we will prolong the life span of your knives.

granulator knives

Competitive price of granulator knives and other blades

Last but not least, we are highly specialized in manufacturing custom recycling granulator at a competitive price. If you need your knives manufactured to your exact requirements, please contact us now to see how we can get you the quality knives exceeding your requirements at a competitive price and always delivered on time.

We also offer sherdding knifes, more here:https://www.vsisi.co.uk/tro/shredding-knife