Circular knife blades for recycling are made from high-quality materials and are thus very long-lasting

Whether you are a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer looking for high-quality stock circular blades or an end user looking for a custom cutting edge for your specific application, TRO is an excellent choice for a number of cutting knives. In TRO, we are a leading supplier for industrial cutting knives and blades in Europe. With our dedicated team and years of experience, we gained trust of even the most demanding customers all over the Europe.

In TRO we offer a variety of circular knife blades as well as custom circular knife blades, all manufactured by us. We mostly manufacture lower and upper circular knives for rubber, textile, leather and paper. Circular knives are made from a range of materials combining hardness and brittleness important for any particular use of these knives. The most commonly used material for circular knife blades is however 1.2379.

The finest steel and mechanical treatment as well as ensure long life span of circular knife blades

There is a wide selection of circular shredding knives available that are mostly used for grinding of large pieces of rubber and plastics. Circular knife blades for shredding are made from the finest steel. Most commonly used steels when manufacturing circular knife blades for shredding are: 1.2379, 1.2345, 1.2343, 1.2767 which are determined according to the application. In addition, with mechanical treatment maximum wear resistance, long life and reliability are assured.
Circular knife blades for shredding can also be manufactured exactly to customer’s needs. With our dedicated team of technicians, we will make our best afford to satisfy all your requirements.

Circular knife bladeIndustrial circular knives specification

Additionally, in TRO we provide high-quality service that will prolong the life of your circular cutter

In TRO we are aware that knives and other blades start to wear off with time. With this purpose we are offering all our customers high-quality service that will prolong the life span of your circular knife blade or any other cutting knife, as well as ensure clean and precise cut of the industrial circular knives.

Besides circular knife blades we also offer other types of blades used in different industries

In TRO, we are not only offering circular knife blades, one can also choose from other types of blades, used in a number of industries. There are granulator knives available that are applicable in recycling of plastic or in the production of PE, PP, PET, HD. Furthermore, you can choose from rollers for grinding smaller parts in slow speed granulators during the ejecting of plastics and fingerjoint cutters for wood amalgamation. Additionally, there is also a wide range of cutting knives for metal industry available, such as knives for mills, knives for scrapshears and sheet metal and knives formetal recycling.


We can also offer tailor made cutting knives solutions for our customers

One of our great advantages is that we can manufacture standard cutting knives, but also custom made industrial knife blades. Take a look at the circular knife blades we prepared for you. On the web site you can also find specification of circular knife that interests you and description of other products that are on offer. In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to provide additional information about industrial circular knives or any other type of our products you are interested in.