Leading manufacturer of pelletizing knives and other cutting tools in Europe

Are you just facing trouble with your pelletizer knives? Is your pelletizer knife not a good suite to your process? Does it get broken or need re-sharpening all the time? Let us help you get the most performance out of your pelletizer blades. In TRO, we are one of the leading manufacturers of pelletizing knives in Europe. We supply and satisfy even the most demanding customer all over the world. Furthermore, we are not only producing pelletizing knives, but also other types of blades used in different industries worldwide, such as wood industry, metal industry, plastic industry or paper industry.


Pelletizing knives are made from best materials that ensure durability and minimal maintenance of blade

Pelletizing knives are made from various materials and range in hardness. The characteristic of the best pelletizing knives is that they are heat treated to three levels of harnesses, thereby a precise cut is assured, but not only that, also flexibility of the knives is great. Pelletizing knives are thermal treated under the strict supervision of our experts and accordant to the quality requests.

Pelletizer knives for recycling

Recycling with the help of pelletizer knives is easy, efficient and safe

In TRO, we are specialised in designing and producing pelletizing knives for different industries worldwide. By definition, pelletizer knives are used for recycling. We are able to manufacture pelletizer knives exactly to our customer’s needs. Our pelletizer knives can be used in various industries, such as wood industry, metal industry and plastic industry. Pelletizing knives are made from steel which is a very durable material that requires minimal maintenance. Knives are thus very long lasting and ensure precise and clean cut while working. Additionally, working with pelletizing knives is safe and easy.

Not only pelletizing blades but also other types of cutting tools are produced in TRO

But in TRO, there are also many other types of knives available. We are also offering a variety of knives, used in wood industry; such as chipper knives, shredding knives, cutters and circular saw blades. Chipper knives are high quality industrial knives made of material 1.2360, which is characterized by good wear resistance and medium toughness. Additionally, there are also knives for metal industry in our offer. There are knives for mills, knives for metal recycling and knives for scraps hears and sheet metal available in this area.

With high-quality service we ensure long life span of our cutting tools

Not only are we producing high quality pelletizing knives and other types of blades, we also provide high quality service for all of our products, that ensures clean cut and prolong the life span of the blades. The most common tools that are regularly serviced (service, sharpening and renewal):

  • Granulator Knives
  • HL, HS and HW knives
  • Cutters
  • Fingerjoint cutters
  • Circular saws
Definition of pelletizer

Nevertheless, we are not only offering high-quality cutting tools and their service, but also heat and mechanical treatment of pelletizing knives and other blades. With heat treatment metals that blades consist of, are processed in the latest computerized vacuum furnaces and in salt baths. Decades of experience in heat treatment of metals assure that the service is always performed professionally and correctly. Furthermore, we perform the following service of mechanical treatment of metals:

  • milling metals (max workpiece dimensions 2600x800 mm),
  • milling castings (max workpiece dimensions * 1050x1350mm),
  • profile grinding (max workpiece dimensions 720x350x350mm),
  • surface grinding (max workpiece dimensions 3000x350x280mm).

Visit our web site and take a look at pelletizer blades and other blades we prepared for you. In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information when needed.