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Astel high quality lights create beautiful architectural LED lighting surroundings

Architectural LED lighting from Astel is designed for interior and exterior use. High quality LED lights are used for illumination of building surroundings, parks, pools, fountains and for indoor use as well. Astel architectural LED lighting is produced in various technologically advanced models which are designed by the latest trends in lighting industry. Company Astel is present globally with their considerable assortment. It has been established almost 30 years ago and became one of European well – known manufacturers of surveillance equipment. Production of GSM alarm and security systems LED them to develop electronic marine equipment. 10 years ago, Astel launched Astel Lighting brand and it is one of their latest additions to the company.

Architectural exterior lighting

Architectural exterior lighting emits various beams for illumination of different areas

Astel developed various series of lights for architectural exterior lighting, which are: Solea, Sigma, Spark, Volcano, Cascada, Sombra and Ufo. All series, have various beams for best illumination for different areas. They have built – in driver for using latest illumination technology. Modular lights have a main feature which is possibility to assemble a unique appearance of complete line of exterior LED lights. They are used for illumination of gardens, facades, paths and much more. Because some of them are also submersible, they are designed for use in pools and fountains. Stainless steel or aluminium casings have PMMA, polycarbonate or tempered optical window. Fountain lights have 12 or 36 diodes, while other models of exterior architectural lighting have 1, 2, 3 or 6 LEDs design. Most of them are available in warm, cool and daylight white, blue, red, green, RGB and RGBW colors, fountain lights are available in three colours. Solea and Sigma are two series of architectural outdoor LED lighting which is most commonly used for plants, trees, steps, paths, driveways illumination. The casing of LED lights Solea is made of stainless – steel, they have sand blasted or anodized finishing. Optical window on casing is made of polycarbonate glass. Solea lights are available in 1, 2, 3 or 6 high – power designs which offer eight various color choices. They emit beautiful single colored or multi colored light. Lights Sigma are designed for illumination of different paths around private homes and public buildings. They are available in 1, 2 or 3 high power design which offers eight color choices (warm, cool, daylight white, green, blue, red, RGB, RGBW).

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Interior and exterior architectural LED lighting have waterproof casings

For architectural lighting indoor and outdoor Astel is producing series Astra, Arcus and Intensa. LED lights have built – in driver and microprocessor, which ensures network connection and control of complete group of light fixtures. Their casings are waterproof, made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium. Some models have different front shapes and illumination angles. With reflector and holographic diffuser which is an advanced optical system, perfect light spread is achieved. Different color temperatures ensure suitable solutions for interior and exterior areas. Best illumination of cool, warm and daylight white color give multi colored LED lights. Color changing through complete rainbow spectrum is done manually or automatically. Architectural exterior and interior lights have very low power consumption and high performance. One of their features is also very long lifetime.

Architectural exterior LED lighting

Architectural LED lighting for interior are Quadro and Versa LED lights

For interior architectural lighting home or other building, two types of LED lights can be used. Series Quadro is usually used for architectural detail lighting. Casings of Quadro lights are made of anodized aluminium, they have different mounting assemblies with which many configurations and structures can be made. Series Versa are oLED interior lights. They have built – in Astel protocol which allows DMX512 complete illuminating control with optional interfaces.