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Shredding knives are available in different shapes and sizes

Shredding knives are mostly used for grinding of large waste material, such as; plastic barrels, used tires, containers and other no longer used material. Shredding knives come in different shapes and sizes; for example, there are square, rectangular and circular shredding knives available on the market. Every single shredding knife is used in its own way and ensure best possible result in its own area.


Our shredding knives are toughened with heat and mechanical treatment

In TRO we are producing high quality shredding knives, that are made from high-quality steels, toughened with heat and mechanical treatment. The mostly used steel qualities are 1.2379, 1.2345, 1.2343 , 1.2767 which are determined according to the application.
In TRO we are manufacturing shredding knives per sample and drawing that satisfy even the needs of our most demanding customers all over the Europe and around the globe. Furthermore, our shredding knives solutions are technically developed and ensure efficient and quick work, as well as safe usage of the blades.

Shredding knives shapesShredding knives for recycling

Shredding knives for recycling different materials

Shredding knives are mostly used when there is a need to recycle different materials. Shredding knives for plastic are manufactured from finest high alloyed tool steel with a high grade of chrome which provides high surface hardness, good toughness and strength and very good wear resistance, they are processed on the most recent machines for mechanical treatment. Particular alloying elements in these steels are crucial for quality cut, high wear resistance and mechanical stress.
Developed technology and our modern equipment for mechanical and heat treatment, as well as decades of experience are the reason that TRO knives and blades for recycling are always manufactured within the required tolerances regarding dimensions and heat treatment. In addition, to the standard tool steels we increasingly use innovative steel grades that are purchased only from the best European manufacturers of tool steels.
But in TRO we are not only offering shredding knives but also a high-quality service for our customers. With regular service of the blades, one can ensure long life span and efficient work of the knives and with this quicker and more efficient work in the company.


How to correctly maintain and clean shredding knives and other cutting equipment?

All of our blades are made from the best steels, but nevertheless, life span of shredding knives and other blades can be prolonged if the blades are serviced correctly. Service has to be regular and proper. Due to that, we are also providing service of shredding knives and other cutting tools for our customers.
Also, to prevent damage on your shredding knife or circular shredding knife, it is recommended to oil it from time to time. Also, if you find any potential rusting spots, they need to be removed immediately. The removal is best done with oiled cloth.
Shredding knives and other cutting tools produced by TRO are also in compliance with world-accepted standards. In addition, all of our equipment is easy and safe to use as well as ensure quick and efficient work in the industry. But not only that, also the maintenance of shredding knives is easy and quick.
Take a look at our web site and choose the product that suits you best. You can find shredding knives in different shapes, made from the finest steels that will ensure safe and efficient work in your company. In case of any further questions about shredding knives for recycling, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with additional information.