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High quality LED lights, produced by company Astel, are efficient lighting solutions for interior and exterior use

Lighting solutions for home interiors and exteriors from company Astel are thoughtfully designed and produced from high – grade materials. Astel produces three series of lighting solutions for interior and exterior use: Arcus, Intensa and Astra. Model Arcus is modern advanced multi color light, which is usually used as downlight for steps or staircase illumination. It is designed to illuminate floors at straight or 45° angle. Waterproof casings made of stainless – steel are available in various lighting angles and front shapes. Arcus light fixtures have reverse, thermal polarity and transient protections which means they can work at extreme voltage and extreme temperature conditions. Main feature of Arcus lights is color changing and it can be done manually or automatically. Built – in microprocessor ensures control of complete group of light fixtures and network connection. Astel most popular lighting solutions for  interior and exterior applications are LED lights of Intensa series. Waterproof casings are made of stainless steel or aluminium and have built – in electronic driver controls 1, 2, 3 or 6 LEDs with microprocessor which enables remote control with digital dimming and network connections. Astra LED lights have wide range of prestige massive aluminium or stainless - steel face shapes suitable for luxury designed interiors and exteriors. They have advanced optical system with holographic diffuser and reflector for flawless luminescence spread. Their different color temperature makes them great lighting solution for home exteriors and interiors.

LED lights for home interior design

Efficient lighting solution can only be done with professional planning

For efficient lighting solutions of house, functional and decorative LED lights have to be professionally planned. Because of significant number of light fixtures, low power consumption of lights is very important. Another important feature of LED lights for home interior is positive impact on health which is achieved with effective illumination. Such illumination has many positive influences which are showing as decreased anxiety levels and stress, boosted creative thinking and many more. Beautiful interior design can be achieved with two light fixtures from series Versa and Quadro. They ensure best illumination quality and luminescence spreading in warm and daylight white color of lighting. Compact light Quadro is available in different mounting assemblies for creating exceptional configurations. Compact light Versa can create unlimited forms with one panel design.

Lighting solutions for home interior with light fixtures of Versa and Quadro series

LED lights for home interior Versa and Quadro are designed for constructing unique structures which are result of various mounting assemblies. Their casings are made of anodized aluminium which is very aesthetic. Despite many individual parts, which are required to create special design, their installation is not complicated. Built – in microprocessor for remote control with digital dimming and for network connections is their most important technological advantage. Complete DMX 512 lighting control by using optional interfaces, is enabled with built in Astel protocol. Compact modular OLED series of light fixtures are available in warm and daylight white color of lighting and they ensure optimal luminescence spreading with best illumination quality. Because of developed design of compact LED lights for home interior, Quadro and Versa can operate at normal temperature conditions with thermal, transient and reverse polarity quality.

Lighting solutions for home interior

Exterior lighting solutions Solea and Sigma are usually used in private homes

Beside interior lighting solutions, Astel also produces external LED lights. Series Solea and Sigma are most commonly used in private homes. Solea light fixtures have different mounting options, they can be mounted on ground, walls or ceiling. Their qualities are: low power consumption, transient and thermal protection, not complicated installation. Casing of Solea light fixtures is made of stainless – steel or aluminium and have polycarbonate optical glass. From this point of view, LED diodes are protected from different exterior factors. Their modular shape allows many assemblies of different components in order to create various fixtures.