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Ayurveda wellness to reestablish your inner balance

Ayurveda wellness is a way to restore your spiritual balance in the most pleasant and relaxing way. Ayurveda wellness offers you many ayurvedic treatments such as ayurvedic massages, warming, purifying and rejuvenating therapies: Abhayanga massage, Udwartana, Sirodhara, Nasya, Shiroabhayanga, Padabhayanga, Gandusha, Baspha Sveda, Akshitarpana Netro Vasti, Pinda Sveda, Valuka Sveda and many more. Our ayurveda wellness is one of the best there are. It is operated by internationally renowned ayurveda doctor who will pay a thorough attention to your well being. If you seek a yoga and meditation retreat, you are most welcome to visit our ayurveda resort to spend there your ayurvedic holidays. We have one of the best ayurvedic spas and our ayurveda treatment is famous. In addition Hotel Kristal is situated in a true and unspoiled nature surrounded by the most beautiful Slovene Alps. If you are a nature lover, you really should come to Bohinj and enjoy this natural deliverance. After you have finished with your remarkable ayurveda treatment, you can stroll around the paths of Bohinj and experience the true natural revelation. The combination of ayurveda and meditation in nature will additionally take you to your true inner self.

Ayurveda wellness and treatmentAyurveda wellness is good if operated by skilled specialists

It is important that ayurveda wellness is operated by the experts. Our ayurvedic spa is so good because our staffs are internationally renowned specialists who perform professional ayurvedic treatments. If you seek a top ayurveda resort to spend your ayurvedic holidays there, ayurvedic spa at Hotel Kristal is a place to go to.

Ayurvedic spa for the most demanding customers

If you seek true quality of service, you should come to ayurvedic spa at Hotel Kristal. We give top ayurvedic treatments for your complete satisfaction. You are most welcome in our outstanding ayurveda wellness. | Ayurveda wellness for your body and soul - povezave