Pizza oven charcoal grill is versatile

Pizza oven charcoal grill is one of the best ways to make delicious pizza and you can also use charcoal grill as oven to bake flatbread or deserts at home. Charcoal grill pizza oven is extremely versatile, it can also be used for meat steaks, burgers, hotdogs and other sausages, fish, other seafood and numerous vegetables. Charcoal oven is especially practical for zucchini, carrots, asparagus and peppers. One of the unexpected recipes you can try with Kopa oven charcoal grill is pizza. It gives them a special smoky flavour and a crunchy crust, while it keeps the dough soft and the toppings juicy. Your pizza oven charcoal grill will give you joy throughout the summer and we can guarantee you that your family and friends will gladly accept your invitation to a wonderful picnic with charcoal grill oven.


How to make perfect pizza with oven charcoal grill

Charcoal oven grill is in general not difficult to use, but baking pizza with the oven charcoal grill can demand some practice. For getting the charcoal grill pizza oven right the first time we offer you some advice:

  • prepare and preheat the charcoal grill pizza oven: clean it thoroughly (if not clean pizza will taste too much like smoke),
  • pizza oven charcoal grill must be hot enough (at least 220o C or more - up to 370o C) to be able to cook the toppings, otherwise you may burn the crust from below;
  • grilled pizzas have thinner crusts and only few raw ingredients because they cook from the base up (if you close the lid of the oven grill, this is not necessary),
  • if you leave the lid open, bake the crust first. When the crust is almost done, add (cooked) toppings and bake long enough to warm them through and melt the cheese,
  • preheat meat, especially sea food and chicken.
charcoal grill pizza ovenpizza oven charcoal grill

Kopa charcoal grill pizza oven

Kopa charcoal grill pizza ovens are a perfect combination of grill and oven and they bring out the best in every food. With pizza on grill you will easily surprise your family and friends, and don’t forget: practice makes perfect!