Charcoal oven - the definition

Charcoal oven combines best of two worlds - it is a unique combination between a charcoal BBQ and a classical oven. As such the charcoal oven offers an option to achieve authentic smoky charcoal flavor in oven and also to use it for baking a variety of foods. Use it as pizza oven or charcoal grill, for baking bread and cakes, grilling burgers, sausages, steaks, seafood, pasta, potatoes and any vegetable you like. Charcoal ovens are perfect kitchen appliances for restaurants and an amazing addition to any home. In the continuation we’ll explain more about how a charcoal oven works, how to use charcoal as heating oven, about charcoal oven prices and about the superiority of pizza oven charcoal grill.


Charcoal oven function and usage

So, how does charcoal oven work? Charcoal oven functions as a regular grill, if you keep the door of the oven open during the food preparation and your food will have an original smoky flavor, associated with grilling. Used like that it’s best for classical grilled food, like burgers, sausages and steaks. However, you can benefit from its other function. If you close the door, your charcoal oven will function as a regular oven with upgraded features - you can take advantage of its speed, higher and steady temperatures and improved functionality. Moreover, with the doors closed it can be used as a heating oven, to keep the food warm until serving. When using the charcoal oven for the first time, clean it and let it heat up and work (for about 45 minutes) without food. This will “clean and sanitize” your pizza oven/charcoal grill and remove any oil, cleaners or dirt, which might occur during the production. The charcoal oven prices wary on the market, so make sure to make a research before deciding for a purchase. We recommend to decide for moderate charcoal oven prices ¬- too cheap usually means poor quality and too expensive is often not necessary (Kopaoven, for example, offers the best ratio or the best quality for acceptable cost).

charcoal oven

Cleaning the charcoal oven

Using charcoal oven is simple and the maintenance is minimal, but it still needs to be cleaned just like every other kitchen appliance. After the initial cleaning before the first usage, we only clean the pizza oven/charcoal grill when it’s cool to avoid burns. Daily cleaning includes removing the ashes and grease (if we don’t the charcoal oven will get clogged and it will emit unpleasant odors). Empty the ash drawer every day, regularly empty and clean the oil collector and its hole, clean the grease collector and wipe the glass door (use a recommended product or mix water with a few drops of ammonia and wipe the glass clean). The clean glass also means that you won’t need to open the charcoal oven door too often, because the food will clearly be visible through the glass, and the guest will also enjoy the sight of food, which is being prepared for them. We should clean the grill often during the cooking (use a brush with long spikes). The routine of cleaning the charcoal oven should also include cleaning the cooking chamber. For that, you can use any degreaser of your choice. The outside of the charcoal oven can be cleaned when necessary and you can use a damp cloth or a gentle cleaner. We also recommend a thorough monthly cleaning, when we also remove the plate firebreak on the roof of the oven. Also oil the joints in the door to prevent them from squeaking.

charcoal oven

The superiority of pizza oven charcoal grill

Pizza oven with charcoal grill
by far surpasses most alternatives. As we’ve mentioned before, it can be used just like regular oven, but works at higher temperatures, which brings the pizza closer to the original Italian flavor, where they use extremely high temperature and bake pizza literary in matter of seconds. Pizza oven with charcoal grill will melt the cheese and quickly grill the vegetables, but the insides will still stay fresh and firm. The crust will be crunchy, but not hard and the whole dish will have a gentle and appealing smoky aroma. Yummy!