charcoal oven for saleRestaurant charcoal oven for sale - perfect vision for taste

Restaurant charcoal oven
that will bring about a fresh new taste to inspire all your chefs! We are a team of Slovenian-based researches and have been asking ourselves how to make a charcoal oven that would revolutionize the market! As a result of increased demand for restaurant charcoal ovens, we have come up with a concept that perfectly complements our vision of creating top-grade kitchenware. During our careful research involving how to make charcoal ovens that meet the demands of world-renowned chefs, we have come up with Kopa! This charcoal oven is for sale across the globe and has revolutionised grill food!

Kopa restaurant charcoal oven - a sea of advantages

Our charcoal in oven Kopa is a real gem! Restaurant owners across the world appreciate its advantages, including:

  • quick return on the investment
  • high-quality dishes for satisfied customers
  • low running costs and low charcoal consumption
  • various colour options to blend it in with your current environment
  • quality design and low installation costs
  • versatility: can be used as charcoal pizza oven or for flatbreads, pies, traditional and contemporary dishes


This innovative restaurant charcoal oven for sale can be used in front of customers for a maximum display of cooking! Chefs appreciate its quick, simple and reliable use, quick warming up and low heat emissions ensuring a better working conditions in the kitchen. What’s more, this charcoal oven for sale is affordable, making for a smart investment!

charcoal oven restaurantRestaurant charcoal oven without compromises!

Kopa charcoal oven is for sale on our website, where you can check out every single detail regarding its characteristics. In a successful attempt to answer the question how to make a restaurant charcoal oven that wins over the hearts of chefs across the globe, we have expanded our market significantly! Kopa raises the benchmark in the field of top-class charcoal in oven grills and continues to amaze its users every day. For more information visit our website: