Charcoal oven grill is made in different sizes for every restaurant


Charcoal oven grill is an oven which is suitable for every restaurant that serves grilled food. Our pizza oven charcoal grill is produced for small and for big restaurants. We offer three sizes of our charcoal grill with pizza oven. The smallest model 300 of pizza oven charcoal grill is perfect for small restaurants with up to 50 seats and for food trucks. Basic model of pizza charcoal oven grill is for indoor use only but it can be upgraded so it can be used outdoor as well. Middle model 400 pizza charcoal oven grill is for restaurants with up to 90 seats. This models have 2 racks which allow two dishes to be prepared at the same time on two levels. The biggest model 500 of pizza charcoal oven is made for big restaurants with up to 110 seat and base their menu on grilled food and pizzas.


Charcoal oven grillPizza oven


Charcoal oven grill is great for quick cooking of meat, pizzas and much more


All kinds of food can be prepared in our charcoal grill with pizza oven. You can use charcoal grill as oven to prepare meat, fish, vegetables, pizzas and dishes in pans. Food that is cooked in our charcoal grill with pizza oven has great texture, aroma and distinct bbq taste. Food is cooked to perfection because of the steady radiation that makes the charcoal distribute heat quickly and evenly. Cooking time of charcoal grill vs oven is much shorter. So our pizza oven charcoal grill is more economic and less time consuming than conventional charcoal grills.


Our charcoal oven grill was designed for high demanding clients


It took years of development to create indoor pizza charcoal grill oven that is easy to install and operate and gave the food distinct bbq taste. Our pizza oven charcoal grill can be placed in every kitchen. Chimney of pizza oven can be fitted under every current extractor hoods. Our pizza oven charcoal grill does not need gas or electricity for operating. 



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