Indoor charcoal grills for restaurants

Indoor charcoal grills for restaurant
kitchens, are the latest and greatest in our brand new assortment of industrial indoor charcoal grills. Serving high amounts of dishes, in for instance a restaurant, is possible with this indoor charcoal grill from Kopa.
Having built a new industrial standard for grilling indoors on charcoal, we at Kopa are proud to present our range of kitchen equipment. Indoor charcoal grilling is gaining in popularity in restaurants, as the unbeaten quality of preparation and time savings exceed all other methods of cooking.


Indoor charcoal grills for restaurant and private kitchens

When looking for industrial grade charcoal grills for indoors, the search is likely to end at an exclusive retailer of Kopa equipment. Our dealers offer ovens and accessories for indoor charcoal grills for any kitchen or restaurant. The development of our industrial charcoal grill for indoor kitchens took years, but is paying well off, now that we are regarded as one of the best manufacturers of industrial indoor charcoal grills. We’ve developed our industrial charcoal grills to be placed indoors of (professional) kitchens right under the extractor hood. Having mounted an ash and spark catcher in its chimney, our Kopa indoor charcoal grills are safe to use indoors as charcoal grill in your restaurant kitchen. Made with the best possible materials, a highly rigid professional indoor charcoal grill is the outcome of what makes us proud.

indoor charcoal grill restaurantindoor charcoal grill for kitchen

Where to find our indoor charcoal grills

Looking for the best indoor charcoal grill for restaurants? Years of development went into our Kopa ovens to create the best commercial indoor charcoal grills for restaurants. With the indoor charcoal bbq grill in our assortment, we at Kopa are proud to serve restaurant kitchens the five star treatment they deserve. Our best equipment we’ve ever designed in the form of indoor charcoal grill ovens, is now available at a dealer near you.