High quality charcoal ovens for sale around the world

Kopa`s high quality charcoal ovens for sale are the end result of a highly technological charcoal oven making process. Charcoal ovens are characterized by economical use of energy, elegant design and an affordable price. Kopa provides various optional extras to help adapt your Kopa outdoor charcoal oven to your demands and to combine the charcoal oven with other kitchen equipment.

Charcoal ovens for sale

Atributes of Kopa`s charcoal oven

Kopa charcoal ovens for sale save on energy and operating costs. Grilling with the charcoal oven machine saves you at least 30% of time. Kopa combined grill with a charcoal oven making it easy to prepare many different dishes, helping you quickly cook meat, fish and vegetables inside your charcoal oven. The charcoal oven machine is characterised by the steady radiation in the charcoal oven, since the interior of the charcoal ovens for sale makes the charcoal distribute the heat quickly. Heat can be easily regulated inside all of the Kopa charcoal ovens for sale. Both indoor and outdoor charcoal ovens have specificaly designed doors and built-in insulation of the charcoal oven that prevents the oven from heating up the room that it isused in.


charcoal ovenDifferent models of charcoal ovens for sale

Charcoal ovens for sale in Type 300 Range are specialy suited for smaller spaces and therefore can be used to provide for smaller restaurants. Types 400 are more commercial grills suitable for restaurants with up to 90 seats. The type 400SC/SWC is a bbq oven and grill type which can be used as a outdoor charcoal oven. Charcoal ovens for sale Type 500 are the latest and biggest models and are designed for restaurants with up to 110 seats. All the charcoal ovens for sale come in 4 different colors; red, black, brown and shiny metal&gold.