charcoal ovensCharcoal ovens bring out the best aroma from your dishes

Charcoal ovens by Kopa are designed in a way to combine functionality with modern forms in order to overcome the gastronomic challenges. Innovative construction of outdoor and indoor charcoral oven will make you speechless and what is more important - the dishes prepared by such ovens are inmistakably of better taste than you are used to with regular bbq ovens. The temperature of charcoal oven designed by Kopa is even throughout the oven so it makes the dishes grill in a professional manner. Handling of charcoal oven is easy as the construction is conducted in a way to guarantee user-friendly approach.


Outdoor and indoor charcoal ovens

Charcoal ovens by Kopa come in black, red, metal and gold colours and can be installed in- and outdoor depending on your needs and desires. The construction of charcoal ovens is highly technological. Kopa charcoal ovens are made of stainless steel, heat resistant handle, analogue thermometer, built-in ash pan and enameled front panel. Get your charcoal oven on sale by reduced prices now!


charcoal ovens for saleOvens powered by charcoal or wood

Kopa charcoal ovens are powered by natural wood or charcoal that are burning inside of the oven at the temperatures between 250 to 450 degrees Celsius. The high quality of in- and outdoor charcoal ovens by Kopa are ideal for commercial and private usage in any kitchen and restaurant. Simple instalation without the need of gas or electricity is making Kopa charcoal ovens best on the market. Kopa sales charcoal ovens with better temperature distribution as similar ovens on the market. Inform yourself about outdoor charcoal oven at best price, free delivery to your doorstep!