Charcoal oven restaurant - an ideal gastronomic business opportunity

Charcoal ovens are much used lately, and with great success - the popular demand for more coal-fired delights led to opening of specialized charcoal oven restaurants and dinning shops, which offer coal-fired menus exclusively. No pizzeria is ever complete without a charcoal pizza oven, which gives pizzas their seductive taste. Using a charcoal oven for baking, you can include on your menu grilled meat and vegetables and even exotic roasted specialties. If the charcoal oven temperature is set for slow baking, it increases the possibility for gastronomical pleasure even more. Just think of baked potato or bread and loafs warmed in the coal as a touch of countryside in the middle of the downtown.


What makes a perfect charcoal pizza oven and how have we created it?

The essence of charcoal pizza oven is its high working temperature, which has to be reached quickly and evenly inside the warming cabinet. This gives thoroughly baked dough with crisp edges, and stuffing that melts in the mouth. However, such charcoal oven can produce excessive radiant heat, which can be unpleasant if you stand close to it. We`ve fixed this problem with specially designed charcoal oven hood, which prevents overheating of the workspace and hot sparks flowing out of the cassis. This way, the guests are allowed to sit practically in front of the pizza-chef and enjoy watching their order being prepared.

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We know how to make charcoal ovens suited for all types of objects

Whether you need charcoal oven with large capacity for a bigger object, or would like to have the benefits of charcoal baking in a more compact sized machine, we cover it all. Our charcoal ovens can be placed in virtually any professional kitchen with minimum modification required. We offer models with different characteristics for more flexibility in both cooking and arranging of the working space. The charcoal pizza ovens manufactured by our team are safe and easy to handle, which is why they are also suitable for home use.