Charcoal fired oven is ideal for preparing quality roasted meals

Charcoal fired oven brings a combination of tasty roasted flavors together with a fast cooking procedure - therefore it is a perfect tool to prepare barbeque in a restaurant. Charcoal baking oven works similar to an open-grill that`s ran on coal, which means that the food is grilled instead of cooked. Well-done steaks and grilled vegetables can be ready in a record time with charcoal fired oven; it even allows you to include new things on the menu, which would otherwise possibly take too much time to prepare. Although coal is widely available, beware that charcoal lighting oven is running on anthracite exclusively, as using different kind of coal may result in lesser meal quality or might even damage the oven. Our charcoal fired ovens have separate compartments for coal and feature specially designed hoods to prevent spark-flowing, which is why there is no risk about hot charcoal being in the oven. However, handling of charcoal baking oven is better to be left to experienced person due to the high temperatures it operates on - we recommend you to trust it to you chef.

charcoal baking ovenCharcoal fired oven


Charcoal baking oven will let you make coal-fired pizzas in no time

The fact that charcoal fired ovens became so popular recently is partly owed to high demand for coal-fired pizza. Its softly burned edges and melted cheese are the reason why more restaurant owners have decided to equip their cuisines with charcoal baking oven, which delivers pizzas ready-to-serve in couple of minutes. Our own supply includes charcoal fired ovens in compact sizes, which suites the needs of smaller objects like pizzerias. We`ve succeeded in minimizing the excess heat and build-up smoke, which will help to maintain your kitchen a safe place. Though charcoal fired oven can bake delicious pizzas, outdoor charcoal oven will deliver an incomparable result. Charcoal baking oven with added wheels from our range is the best portable charcoal oven solution, which allows you more flexibility in finding the right working spot. Our knowledge in engineering and innovative design sets us among top charcoal oven brands.