Charcoal oven - design for modern kitchens

Charcoal oven design significantly contributes to the complete appearance of your kitchen and thus your whole home as well. The traditional charcoal ovens for baking were big, bulky and can seem - from today’s point of view - as old-fashioned. However, with the right choice, you can also get all the benefits of our grandparents charcoal oven for baking and at the same time choose a charcoal oven design, which will complement, not hinder, the general appearance and beautiful décor of your home.

charcoal oven

Why you should bring charcoal oven for baking to your modern kitchen?

Charcoal oven for baking might sound like something that does not belong in a contemporary kitchen, but you might be surprised at how wrong that idea is. At Kopaoven, for example, we’ve chosen only the charcoal oven designs, which are not just functional, but also contribute to the appearance of your kitchen. The lines are smooth and clear, the surfaces shiny and there are several colors you can choose from. However, if you decide for a charcoal oven, design is not the only benefit it will bring. Using this kitchen appliance is childishly simple and food is prepared quicker due to higher and steady temperatures. The charcoal flavor in oven is unmistakable and unforgettable. We’re sure that most people, who have tried food, prepared in charcoal oven for baking, will agree. With a beautiful charcoal oven design, you will not only beautify your home, you’re cooking will also become healthier. Food, prepared in a charcoal oven, has flavor, which we all associate with grilling, and you can achieve that with less salt, other spices or oil. This method of food preparation brings out the natural flavors without trying too hard. If you’re wondering how to make the charcoal oven work for you, the answer is simple - easy. Using it is like child’s play and with it everything tastes good! Furthermore, it’s unbelievably versatile. You can use the charcoal oven for baking bread, cakes, cupcakes, pies, English puddings and all sorts of desserts as well as pizza and bread.


Charcoal oven - design your backyard

You can design your whole backyard around a charcoal oven. If placed carefully, the charcoal oven for baking will represent the center of your garden and you can easily expand your living area outside. By protecting your outside cooking area with windshields, you can use your charcoal oven for baking pizzas, bread and other food almost all year round. Since grilling brings the whole family together, you can think about creating a comfortable sitting area, adding a modern charcoal oven design and thus conjuring a “living room” outside, where you can enjoy a lot of fresh air and indulge in family activities. What’s more - an appealing charcoal oven design will raise the value of your home, if you’re ever planning to sell it. To see all the available charcoal oven designs at Kopaoven, visit our website!

charcoal oven

How to make charcoal oven pizza?

Let us finish this article with some practical advice on how to use a charcoal oven for baking pizza. A charcoal oven design plays no part in that, you can use any high-quality charcoal oven (prices of the appliances vary, and we recommend you choose one, you’re finances are comfortable with, but also beware of the too low charcoal oven prices, which usually mean poor quality).
Prepare the dough by following your favourite recipe, if you don’t have one, we offer you an original Italian pizza recipe:

  • 4 cups Molino Caputo Tipo 00 flour (you can substitute it with all-purpose flour)
  • 1 ½ cups, plus 2 Tbsp lukewarm water
  • 2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp active dry yeast,
  • some olive oil.

Dissolve the yeast in ½ cup of lukewarm water (use a big enough bowl) and wait about 10 minutes. Then add the remaining water, 3 cups of flour and salt. Mix. Knead the dough with your hand and add the remaining flour (as much as necessary to get a smooth dough that does not stick to your hands). Coat the dough with olive oil, put it in the bowl and place it somewhere warm until it doubles in size (about an hour). In the meantime, heat up your charcoal oven. When the dough has risen, put it on a surface, dusted with flour, and press it down gently. Use your hands to flatten and stretch it. Add toppings of your choice and bake until cheese melts and crust is nicely brown.