Grill and bake barbecues with oven from Kopa, a real delight in every kitchen

We are Kopa, professional charcoal grill manufacturers, company making barbecue grill ovens that are our pure pride and joy. With our ovens, you can grill, bake and barbecue on the most professional level. Have you always wanted to have and outdoor oven or a grill? Does pizza, baked in charcoal oven sound like something you dream of? Have you wished for an oven that can prepare, grill and bake your barbecue dishes with least work possible, but still giving you the best possible result? Then don’t look any further. A barbecue grill with oven is the perfect outdoor cooking solution. It allows you to grill tasty meats and other foods, bake pizzas and even bake a bread. It's the number one thing for the ones who love smoking flavor and versatility it offers.

grill and bake barbecue with ovenbarbecue grill oven

Carefully engineered for excellent food every time from your barbecue grill oven

Our company Kopa is regarded as one of the best charcoal grill manufacturers there is. We specialize in making barbecue grill ovens that will transform the way you see and feel about cooking. With low running and installation costs and simple usage, our ovens will make you look forward to barbecue, grill and bake your finest food. With option of keeping the oven outdoors, you always can grill your dishes outside and create that cozy but professional restaurant feel.

Our wood charbroilers give food smoky taste and amazing texture that only a professional barbecue grill oven can create. We strived for perfection and created a charcoal oven that can bake pizza, grill burgers and cook veggies at the same time. Carefully engineered, thought to perfection wood charbroilers come in different colors and sizes, so your outdoor oven or grill can look according to your own tastes and wishes.


Get your Kopa barbeque grill oven and taste the difference

Think about it: a barbecue grill oven that is independent from gas or electricity supply, barbecue oven that can grill and bake with extra low running costs, barbecue grill oven that can be put on standby and be lit again for dinner. Oven and outdoor grill that is mobile and can be fitted with wheels. Choose the best for your barbecue dishes offering restaurant, grill and bake with our ovens and offer five start quality food every day, every time.