Outdoor charcoal oven will change your perspective on outside grilling

Outdoor charcoal oven is the modern mans’ solution to grilling outdoors. Since the invention of fire, man has been preparing food over open fire - first in pit ovens and later in stone and wood ovens which eventually evolved into modern day electric and gas ovens. Nowadays, we are learning to appreciate the taste and quality of preparation of food in the most natural way. We are returning to wood and charcoal, but in a new, revolutionary way, with the charcoal grill oven.


Why outdoor charcoal oven and not just a regular charcoal grill?

The Kopa charcoal grill oven is the perfect combination of a regular grill and charcoal oven. The inovarive design allows for controlled smoldering of the charcoal inside the charcoal oven, without the flames breaking out. This allows the food to grill nicely and evenly, without it becoming scorched. The high-quality insulation system of the charcoal oven enables quick preparation of succulent food that has a unique barbecue taste and aroma.

charcoal oven grill

Outdoor charcoal oven is more energy efficient!

Outdoor charcoal oven saves on energy and operating costs, compared to regular outdoor grills. The charcoal oven saves you 45 % on charcoal and is also more efficient than comparable electric or gas ovens. It also prepares food at least 30 % faster than regular grills.

outdoor charcoal oven grill

The charcoal oven - restaurant quality food at home

The outdoor charcoal oven is so much more than just a grill. It allows you to quickly prepare all kinds of dishes, from fish and meat, to vegetables, pizzas, flatbread and even panned dishes. The usefulness of an outdoor charcoal oven far exceeds that of a regular charcoal bbq and grill, and the quality of the food prepared matches that of charcoal oven's in restaurants, because the best restaurants, known for delicious barbecue food, also use Kopa charcoal ovens.