Charcoal bbq with oven - guide to using different wood species

Charcoal bbq with oven will give your food the unmistakable smoky flavor, associated with charcoal bbq ovens. With it you can prepare any type of dish from stakes, burgers, chicken, sausages, skewers, vegetables, potatoes, charcoal bbq with pizza oven is perfect for pizza, but also for deserts and bread. You can use several types of wood with our charcoal grill oven. In the continuation we’ll present just some of the options.

Which wood to use with charcoal bbq with oven

To achieve a rich, sweet flavor, perfect for pork, chicken or beef, in your charcoal oven we recommend hickory. For charcoal bbq with pizza oven use oak, ash, maple, birch or beech. The most common choice for charcoal grill with pizza oven is oak, because it is easy to find and burns very hot compared to other wood. You can also use your charcoal bbq with oven with fruitwoods, such as cherry, apple, almond or pear, which give a nice fragrance. Charcoal bbq with oven can also be used with wood pellets and woodchips, but they don’t produce the same amount of heat, which means they are slightly less suitable for charcoal bbq with pizza oven. Whichever wood you use for your charcoal bbq with oven just make sure that the moisture content is around 20 %. Too dry wood is not appropriate for charcoal bbq with oven, since it will produce too much smoke, and too much moisture in wood will also result in an excessive smoke.

Charcoal bbq with pizza oven - portable or build in?

Charcoal bbq with pizza oven can be built to suit your needs. You can choose built in charcoal bbq with oven if you only plan to use it on the same spot every time, or portable charcoal bbq oven if you plan to move it around. If you deal in catering or intend on moving your charcoal bbq with oven from the inside to the yard, we definitely recommend portable charcoal bbq oven, which will offer a great amount of adaptability and it works just as well as the stationary charcoal bbq with pizza oven.



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