The charcoal oven that brings perfection to your cooking

charcoal ovenSay no to flames and burned food with the charcoal oven by Kopa. It has a controlled smoldering of the charcoal which will allow you to happily prepare succulent and tasty meals. Our charcoal oven is a grill and an oven at the same time, so you can prepare as many different dishes imaginable. This charcoal oven grill speaks of nothing but the quality and modern design and is highly recommendable for restaurants and bars where preparing different high-quality dishes has never been easier. Whether it is meat, vegetables, fish, flatbread or pizza, this charcoal oven is also suitable for various dishes in pans. With Kopa`s charcoal oven the food will be quickly prepared and healthy, and your guest will absolutely love its unique bbq aroma. A charcoal oven is a good choice considering it's very economical and you can get it for a reasonable price. It is the charcoal oven you have been searching for. It can be an indoor or outdoor charcoal oven. No matter where you want to prepare dishes, whether it is inside or outside. Charcoal oven by Kopa has many features that will amaze you. Once you have tried our charcoal ovens and learned about its many advantages you can never go back. Be amazed how charcoal brings out the aroma and how succulent and tasty your food will be. Start preparing your favorite dishes with the charcoal oven that brings perfection to you cooking with charcoal.

KOPA`s charcoal oven - Indoor or outdoor charcoal oven

At times when we spent most of the time outdoor, the charcoal oven where it is best to prepare many different dishes is the charcoal oven by Kopa. Our many satisfied clients speak of its quality and excellent features. You can place it inside or outside, in your home or restaurant, and prepare many different meals with an exquisite taste. Kopa oven is an indoor charcoal oven that does not cause extra heating of the place and by using it outside you will only make you experience more pleasurable, especially when barbecuing with your family and friends. There is no better way to prepare your food than with a charcoal oven. The smell, the taste and the texture of the food prepared with this charcoal oven grill will impress everyone.


The charcoal oven you will absolutely want to have

charcoal oven grillWho would not want a modern charcoal oven that is economical and allows the preparation of many dishes? Kopa`s charcoal oven grill is the perfect combination of grill and oven, which takes cooking with charcoal to a higher level with its quick and simple use. And by monitoring the temperature with the gauge on the oven door it will make you the perfect cook. With its modern design and high-quality prepared dishes, this will be a win-win combination in your home or restaurant. It is the charcoal oven that will save you time and money, and your food will always be inspiringly tasty.