Charcoal oven restaurant for diverse culinary experience

Charcoal oven restaurant offers numerous options, with which you will enrapture your guests. You can use a charcoal oven for making burgers, sausages, steaks, fish and sea food, grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, soups, stews and desserts. An outdoor charcoal pizza oven is also more than perfect for preparing this popular Italian dish and if you let your imagination run free, you will never run out of options.In the continuation we’ll reveal more about the benefits of charcoal oven restaurant, uses of outdoor charcoal pizza oven and charcoal oven prices.


Why is charcoal oven restaurant so popular

People appreciate multisensory experience, and this is exactly what a charcoal oven restaurant offers. An outdoor charcoal pizza oven is placed outside in the restaurant’s garden, where guest can observe the preparation of food. This gives them an opportunity to see the masters at work and a feeling of being a part of the preparation. Another benefit of a charcoal oven restaurant is the smell - beautiful and inviting aroma, coming from an outdoor charcoal pizza oven, will not only rouse the imagination of the existing guests, but also attract people from all over town. Everybody becomes hungry when they smell something good cooking. And last but not least - the food, prepared in a charcoal oven restaurant, tastes amazing, no matter what people order. The food is soaked in a subtle smoky flavour, the juices are natural and the texture soft with crunchy crust. All three things combined - visual aspect, sense of smell and taste - guarantee the best culinary experience possible.

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How to use an outdoor charcoal pizza oven in a restaurant

An outdoor charcoal pizza oven can be used in numerous ways, not just for pizza. First of all you can decide for a portable or stationary charcoal oven. A restaurant can benefit from both, depending on its purposes. A stationary outdoor charcoal pizza oven will be placed in the yard, can be bigger and bulkier, because it doesn’t have to be moved, and thus maybe a bit more durable. However, a restaurant with a portable outdoor charcoal pizza oven can expand its business to other areas. They are perfect for catering or picnics, located outside of the restaurant’s premises. In general the restaurant’s charcoal oven depend on their style and wishes. There are almost indefinite number of dishes you can prepare with it, which go beyond regular grilling - however, they shouldn’t be overlooked. Burger, hotdog or steak, prepared in an charcoal oven grill, are far superior to the ones prepared in a pan on a stove. They have a wonderful smoky flavour, nice crust and juice insides, which are impossible to achieve with alternative preparation. Besides that, we can use this amazing kitchen appliance for other expected dishes (grilled vegetables, baked potatoes, fish, sea food etc.) as well as for some surprising ones, like rice, soups, cakes, cookies etc.

We can also use charcoal oven grill for heating the food or keeping it warm until it’s ready to be served (we just adjust charcoal oven temperature accordingly).

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What about prices?

A charcoal oven restaurant will not go bankrupt if it purchases a charcoal oven. Prices are more than reasonable and - what’s more, if you buy a high quality product, such as you can acquire at Kopaoven for example, it will last you for years, plus it will bring more guests to your restaurant. There are several models at disposal. If you would like to know, which one would be appropriate for you or if you’d like to know more about charcoal oven prices, you can turn to experts at Kopaoven.