Kopa charcoal BBQ with oven - use it like a pro

Kopa Charcoal BBQ with oven is one of the best charcoal BBQ ovens on the market. With the combination of oven and barbecue it offers numerous options for grilling and baking and once you’ve tried it, it will become an indispensable kitchen appliance in your restaurant or home. Kopa charcoal BBQ oven is easy to use and practical. With our charcoal oven you don’t need to worry about undercooking or smouldering your food. Once the charcoal BBQ with oven is heated, the temperature is fairly constant and the controlled smouldering of charcoal inside the grill prevents the flames from breaking out. With just little practice, anybody can be a top chef with our charcoal BBQ with oven.


Many uses of charcoal BBQ oven

Charcoal BBQ with oven is an extremely versatile and practical product. It can be used by professional chefs in restaurants as well as in the garden at home. Alongside with simplicity, charcoal BBQ oven has another fantastic feature - it can be used for preparing numerous dishes, from classical burgers and hotdogs, to fish and vegetables, the charcoal BBQ with pizza oven is suitable for making pizza and flatbread, charcoal BBQ oven can even be used for some exotic dishes such as grilled oysters, tofu skewers, grilled meatballs and grilled quesadillas. Charcoal BBQ with oven is perfect for some side dishes, such as potatoes, grilled avocado with cherry tomatoes, grilled peppers, grilled sweet potatoes, and zucchini, even for bacon, grilled artichokes and grilled bread.

charcoal bbq with ovencharcoal bbq oven

Why is Kopa charcoal BBQ with oven so outstanding?

Many restaurants already enjoy all the benefits of our charcoal BBQ ovens. Compared to other ovens the charcoal consumption is much lower. Grilling with it is at least three times faster than grilling with an open charcoal grill, which saves you energy and time. It retains a relatively constant temperature, once it heats up, which means that the quality and taste of the food will be much better. Free standing or built in charcoal BBQ with oven are both ergonomically friendly, easy to use and a result of a contemporary design which also ensures that this piece of appliance will not only emit the most wonderful aromas, it will also be pleasant to look at.