charcoal grill ovenCharcoal grill oven - rediscovering food with charcoal oven grill!

Charcoal grill oven that has entirely revolutionised the way renowned chefs prepare their dishes! Meet Kopa oven - a truly ground-breaking piece of must-have kitchenware. With this professional charcoal grill oven, you will be able to make tastiest, juicer charcoal flavoured food while using less energy and spending less time! If you’re looking to achieve a charcoal flavour in oven-prepared dishes, then Kopa charcoal oven grill is your perfect opportunity.

What makes our charcoal grill oven stand out form the rest?

Kopa charcoal oven grill exhibits a number of advantages when compared to conventional charcoal grills. Among them are:

  • considerably lower cooking time, even up to 30%
  • lower charcoal consumption
  • it can be used both as an indoor or outdoor charcoal oven
  • juicer food and lower heat radiation

Moreover, because of it significantly lower heat radiation, Kopa provides a more comfortable work environment, making your overall cooking experience so much more pleasant. And what’s more, to fit this outstanding charcoal grill oven into your kitchen, you don’t need any special installation as it fits directly under the extractor hood. It is highly versatile and can be used as a pizza oven charcoal grill or to make a variety of other meat, vegetable, fish dishes including pies, stews and so on.


Experience a cooking revolution with charcoal oven grill!

charcoal oven grillWhoever you are, charcoal grill oven Kopa can revolutionise your experience of preparing tasty food. Whether you’re a home user looking for an outdoor charcoal oven that brings together all your friend and family or a restaurant owner trying to find the perfect pizza oven charcoal grill, this is your best shot! It is a popular indoor charcoal grill and has been hailed by its users for its outstanding characteristics. Used by caterers and restaurants in dozens of countries across the globe, Kopa charcoal oven grill is a real winner.

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