Kopa charbroiler grills for restaurants and bars

The charbroiler grill oven for your restaurant has to look good and work excellent, reliable and radiate less heat? The charbroiler ovens from our Kopa range are the very best commercially available at the moment. For a commercial charbroiler oven grill you are at the right address at one of Kopa’s distributors. Excellent return of an investment with our restaurant charbroiler grills that are designed for commercial use and burn charcoal only.

The best commercial charcoal charbroilers

The best commercial charcoal oven charbroilers for professional grilling use is what we developed over the past years. We at Kopa have opted for the best end result in terms of food quality, flavor, aroma and texture. With a minimum airflow and high retention of heat, the food will stay tender while being cooked in no time. Tender meat, fish and vegetable dishes are possible thanks to the design of our commercial restaurant oven charbroilers. Burning up to 45% less charcoal, grilling with our commercial line of charbroilers is bound to give an excellent return on investment. Having found the optimum balance between airflow and heat retention, we are able to deliver a unique charbroiler grill for commercial use.

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Commercial charcoal charbroilers for high-end professional use

If you have a restaurant and are looking for a commercial charbroiler oven, then consider our invention; the Kopa charbrioler grill that we designed for commercial use. Choosing high grade materials and processing them with accurate craftsmanship, we created the ultimate commercial charbroiler grill. At Kopa we stand for the finest made commercial restaurant charcoal oven charbroilers, making professional grade ovens for restaurants and catering. We’ve made sure to equip all our charbroilers with the very best ash and spark catchers, to ensure installation of the grill in your restaurant can be done by just placing the oven underneath the existing ventilation system of your professional kitchen. Radiating minimal heat, your kitchen will be heated significantly less with an original Kopa commercial charcoal oven charbroiler compared with a conventional charbroiler grill or barbecue in your restaurant.