outdoor charcoal pizza ovenCharcoal oven makes the juiciest food

Charcoal oven is an interesting blend of oven and grill. It’s a grill inside the oven. This makes the food juicier, faster prepared, better flavored, and done in a more comfortable way. You can also use it as an outdoor charcoal pizza oven. Let’s see how!

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Outdoor charcoal pizza oven works better than you think!

Our charcoal oven KOPA can also be used as an outdoor charcoal pizza oven for any restaurant or your own BBQ party. You simply move the charcoal pizza oven outdoors, put a pizza on a grill, close the oven, and come back in few minutes. Pizza made in this charcoal pizza oven will have the best taste ever.

Looking for the charcoal oven restaurant?

The charcoal oven restaurant is still pretty hard to find, but many restaurants are switching over to charcoal ovens. Depends on the country you live in, we know that charcoal oven restaurants are trending in countries like:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands,

and few others.

charcoal ovenEver wondered how to make charcoal oven?

Some of you are probably thinking how to make charcoal oven by yourself. Well, the question “how to make charcoal oven” has been asked many times, a lot of people tried, and very rarely did it work. Why? Simply because it’s not as easy as it may sound. We needed a lot of testing, trials and errors, before we figured out how to make the best charcoal oven. For more information you can check our website: http://kopaoven.com/ where the process is explained in a greater depth.


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