Charcoal ovenCharcoal oven preffered by chefs and owners

Slovenian based producer of charcoal ovens started its story of success in 1972 with the production of sheet metal products. Kops pro d.o.o. has remained in bussiness for the last 40 years. With the continued involvement with professional kitchen equipment the company developed a perfect recipe on how to make charcoal ovens. The company produces high quality charcoal ovens and also outdoor charcoal pizza ovens. We also have charcoal oven sales staff and dealers all around the world.

Outdoor charcoal pizza ovens and many other models of charcoal ovens

Kopa`s charcoal oven is the charcoal oven restaurants love to use. All the models of charcoal ovens are stylish and have a compact design. Charcoal ovens in Type 300 Range are specialy suited for smaller spaces and therefore smaller restaurants.Types 400 are more commercial grills suitable for restaurants with up to 90 seats. The type 400SC/SWC is a bbq oven and grill type which can be used as a outdoor charcoal pizza oven, since it has added wheels and can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs. The outdoor charcoal pizza oven is a charcoal oven with grill designed for the most demanding gastronomic challenges. The most accomplished outdoor charcoal pizza oven will make the cooking of culinary specialties a breeze. Charcoal ovens Type 500 are the latest and biggest models and are designed for restaurants with up to 110 seats.


outdoor charcoal pizza ovenWhy do so many decide for Kopaoven charcoal ovens?

The charcoal oven restaurants praise Kopaovens charcoal oven because it saves on energy and operating costs, saves at least 30% of time compared to grilling on an open charcoal grill. With the combination of a grill and a oven the company has found a way for how to make charcoal ovens that are all-rounders. The charcoal oven is also mageable and ergonomical. The charcoal oven sales points can be found all around the world. Read more on our website: