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Teletech inc is a company relying on the expertise of its professionals for delivering the most innovative and comprehensive telecommunications solutions worldwide. Based in Slovenia, we offer customized service anywhere in the world, and will deliver in the country and language of your choice. The Teletech solutions for number portability, emailing or restricted emailing, as well as media monitoring are all characterized by their modularity and can be joined, upgraded or inserted into many different tools or applications. The idea being that the user needs to manage their operations effortlessly and in the simplest way possible, the client satisfaction rate is always our benchmark. In this way Teletech inc is following-up on the trends and remain in contact with our client base, which in turn guarantees our ears on the ground. Together with the latest technological advances and the forward thinking of our developers this is the reason that Teletech inc can offer the most innovative and comprehensive telecommunications systems.


Teletech solutions for email, portability and media monitoring

We pride ourselves on the modular Teletech solutions, developed through careful planning, design and cooperation: NetPrem, Quadon™ and MediaklikN. Teletech inc system for managing registered and trusted email messages NetPrem allows for handling, sending and receiving messages. It also ensures electronic signatures of proof of delivery, sending and opening, together with time-stamping. Teletech inc also developed Quadon, a system for complete handling of number portability processes. It comprises several products for portability processes, joining the procedures with existing tools and ensuring effective electronic communications, e-banking and archiving. Teletech solution for media monitoring is called Mediaklik. This cluster of products delivers comprehensive overview of the media monitoring field, including analysing of audio-video materialism brand monitoring, content archiving and fingerprinting.

Quadon NP gateway ensures links with the central database via Quadon NP CRDB

Many clients of telecommunications companies worldwide would never dream of a world where changing providers is not possible or is only possible through changing phone numbers. With growth trends at current rates Teletech inc understands the potential for operators and regulators in the field. It also realises the need for complete overview, reliability and monitoring of the related processes and data as regards number portability. What is more, Teletech solutions accommodate different national circumstances and are modular to fit different situations. The Quadon comprehensive system was developed as a cluster with several components. Quadon NP gateway ensures quick and transparent procedures of porting, like porting in and porting out, porting between operators and countries, repatriation and more. It can be linked through interfaces to the tools and systems that are used by the regulators or operators, without causing distractions or frictions. The central number portability database records all transfers and can connect to the system through Quadon NP CRDB. What is more, this Teletech inc design can add new services easily, for example user ENUM, ENUM or LLU. We've included interfaces that manage emailing and e-archiving, Quadon PostMaster and Quadon eArchive.

quadon technology

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A comprehensive introduction to our products is available on Teletech website. The netPrem system ensures handling of PREM messages. This stands for Postal Registered Emails, and ensures that proof is kept of the timing of sending, receiving, delivery and opening of messages, together with the message itself. This Teletech solution provides simple automation of procedures and acts as a e-commerce platform. The communication between different stakeholders (like governance actors, partners, suppliers and customers) is secure, reliable and cost-effective. Our system QMedia is a product for media monitoring and reliably follows many streams of live TV and audio from various sources. The flow of raw streaming comes from the internet, multicast video streaming or from radio (audio streaming). The product captures the streams and transcodes them to lower their quality so they can be viewed, edited and archived. Content, prepared in this way, can be further analysed and edited. Follow-up processes include captioning EPG insertion, fingerprinting and others.

Teletech inc is a Slovenian-based company with daughter companies in several countries. Our sales experts know the market in your area and will provide you wth a customized solution to your needs. All Teletech solutions are developed in a modular and upgradeable mode, making them easy to integrated into your existing tolls and products. We take care to develop designs, which are intuitive and follow the latest technological advances. Respecting customer-service standards is a priority and the feedback we receive from our clients is a proof of that. Get in touch with us through the Teletech website interface, email or phone and we will dedicate ourselves to your circumstances. Understanding fully that each client is unique, we can provide Teletech solutions with customization of all above systems. Contact us of a personal offer!

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