Number portability

Number portability (NP), or local number portability (LNP), allows customers to change their telephone service provider but keep the same phone number. The benefits of number portability extend to both, operators and customers, as customers can move between providers with more ease and operators can attract clientele from other providers. A complete NP solution comprises centralised processes, customer data storage and top-of-the-line software that make the porting procedure as efficient, secure and easy as possible.

Number portability: how it works

Number portability can refer to fixed or mobile phone lines. Transferring the location of fixed line numbers is called local number portability (LNP). A check may be required to see if this service is available in a given country; it is not universally available. Wireless local number portability (WLNP) or mobile number portability is more common. Number portability can be achieved in a variety of ways, but there are certain principles of the process that are maintained regardless of the overarching method. These principles concern efficiency, security and integrity - if a customers’ data is to be transferred, it is always desirable that it is done quickly, securely and without errors. In this way, customers will not hesitate to transfer to a new operator because they can keep the same phone number with safety, ease and no time wasted.

local number portability checknumber portability - how it works

Number portability systems

Number portability systems can be decentralised or centralised. Decentralised number portability systems are those in which operators directly negotiate the porting process. In this way, the process can often become very long and expensive with a risk of error, because the different companies may operate according to different standards and protocols. Systems that use centralised databases of customer information (central reference databases, CRDB) work more efficiently and accurately because customer information is stored in one reliable source. Therefore, routing and inaccuracy problems are minimised. Systems, that are even better, employ Clearing Houses, which are centralised locations, through which all communication regarding number porting is routed. Number portability through Clearing Houses is undertaken according to standardised procedures and protocols, making it clean, reliable and secure. The customer benefits from a fast, secure service and operators get to use a standard process that allows them to gather more new customers.

A complete solution for number portability

Centralised number portability systems are the superior option for operator and customers. Additionally, regulatory authorities may benefit from the centralisation and standardisation of the porting process and customer data. Teletech’s Quadon number portability solution is designed to employ the best aspects of Clearing House portability systems with added benefits. The Quadon NP Gateway fits perfectly into the operator’s core network infrastructure. It integrates with a central number portability database, the operator’s shops and the operator’s core elements, for example, billing and provisioning departments. Furthermore, it synchronises the national CRDB in real-time via fast and secure connection. Designed in-line with demand from the telecommunication sector, it is high in performance, scalable, flexible, modular and reliable, with a range of standardised interfaces for optimal usability.


Great benefits of number portability

The complete number portability solution provided by Teletech’s Quadon NP Gateway is optimal for operators and benefits customers, regulatory authorities and the telecommunications market. Operators get a fast, flexible and reliable system which allows them to draw new customers more easily. In this way, the telecommunications market opens up to competition that has previously been inhibited by the complications surrounding changing phone number, for businesses and individuals alike. Customers are similarly granted the freedom to switch easily between providers without long waiting times and problems with keeping their old phone number. Contact Teletech today for more information.