Quadon - a modular and easy tool in network portability and archives

Quadon joins solutions for managing all aspects of network portability, e-commerce and e-archiving. All components are modular and scalable, thus making Quadon one of the most flexible tools in the market. It was developed specifically to cater for different-sized regulators and operators, and is immediately deployable in a physical or cloud environment. The Quadon archive component is aligned with the other parts, and can be used as a stand-alone element as well as in a package solution. Teletech has adopted this approach for all its software solutions, besides Quadon also for packages in the area of registered mail and media monitoring. The customers appreciate the easy-to-use and straightforward framework of our offer. This is one of the reasons for our growth and a recent expansion from Slovenia to the UK. We're also present in other continents and can assure high-level service anywhere in the world. The expertize of our developers has long exceeded the borders of this small, but beautiful country.

Quadon e-archive


Quadon archive tool for effeortless management of electronic archives

Quadon archive system, called Quadon eArchive, is an efficient, reliable and safe system for keeping different kinds of documents, images, emails and files. It supports the storing of documents on various repositories on several locations, which prevents unwelcome events and intrusions for high value documents. It is in line with CMIS and JCR repositories. This Quadon archive also fully complies with the standards of long term archiving - RFC4810 – LTA and the standard of electronic signature - ETSI TS 101 903 V1.4.2 (2010-12). It is easily manageable and user-friendly.

Storing computer files in several locations to prevent disasters

Quadon was developed to be used in combination with other Quadon modules, in order to ensure protection and maintenance of all types of related documents, accessible at any time. The information is recorded and kept in the log record for legal purposes or for business purposes. E-archiving is much more than just converting paper documents into digital format by scanning them. Quadon lets you manage different types of files with equal efficiency and ensures the balance of costs.

It is customary to determine a strategy for records management that will help you determine which files need to be kept. In this way you can establish an overview of what has been registered and where it needs to be recorded. It is important to keep in mind that e-archiving takes time and resources, therefore an efficient solution is even more important. Staff needs to be trained and updated on the use of e-archiving tools, which might lead to interruptions and mistakes in the working process if not properly planned and handled. Quadon ensures easy management and user interfaces, which makes it a welcome tool for flexible use in today's complex environments.

Storing large computer files

Quadon lets you store large files in a server or cloud environment

Large files or smaller ones can be kept in this e-archiving framework. The benefits of keeping an electronic archive are the protection of memory and important files, but also respecting the right to information, which is sometimes defined by law. It has been proven that having easy access to information can increase productivity. Few are aware that there is as much as 40% of employee time wasted on searching for information. Quadon can help you avoid losses with planning and transparent records management. It ensures avoiding loss of relevant information.

You'll find more information on our website and we're happy to provide any answers on the Quadon archive you need to address your needs in storing computer files. Our agents are at your disposal and we'll consider customization in storing large files to give you the personalized offer you need.