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Local number portability from Quadon

The Quadon NP gateway from Teletech offers a complete solution for local number portability. The process of number porting is centralised and streamlined, making it optimally efficient and secure. The expertly designed architecture fits perfectly into existing operational infrastructure. The Quadon NP Gateway is the ideal solution for operators.

Local number portability

The Quadon NP gateway is a complete local number portability solution for operators. Number portability is an essential tool in today’s telecommunications market. Customers often wish to switch operators but are reluctant to take the step because of the complications of changing their phone number. Even when the option to retain their phone number is available, they may be dissuaded by the long waiting times involved in the process, which may leave them without a phone number for several days or even weeks. In our communication age, these are undesirable circumstances for the consumer. Customers, therefore, are much more likely to move between network operators if an efficient number portability solution is in place.

Quadonlocal number portability database

Number portability: central processes and databases

Various options for number portability exist. However, the most efficient and effective by far are those with centralised procedures and databases. The most early number portability systems simply consisted of direct negotiation between operators - a process with many potential snags and pitfalls can end up being very drawn out. If the process uses a centralised procedure, however, and a centralised source of information, it can run more quickly and smoothly. A central number portability database (CDB) contains customer information that is reliably accurate and available to all operators in a standard format. Further to this, a central number portability processor called a Clearing House can be used to further streamline the operation. The Clearing House acts as a medium to all operators and applies a standard protocol to the porting processes. In this way, they become more efficient. Regulatory authorities may also stand to benefit from central databases.

Quadon number portability gateway

The Quadon NP Gateway by Teletech uses the best insights from Clearing House systems with added innovations for even better efficiency and security. It communicates with the CDB and all core subsystems for fixed and mobile networks via web service interface methods. Its architecture is highly scalable and modular and so is readily adaptable to changes and developments as they may arise. The solution can be used amongst multiple operator offices and stores. The porting process may be executed manually or entirely automatic. With easy maintenance and service upgrades, the Quadon NP system is extremely user-friendly. In addition, Teletech also offers highly skilled and professional support to customers. The system is extremely reliable and offers more than 99,999% service up time. For the customer, the procedure of number portability becomes easy, friendly and transparent. For the operator, it minimises costs and provides an easily implemented system that can be entirely automated.

Local number portability with Quadon

The Quadon NP Gateway provides a complete solution for number portability. Making the process of number portability as easy and efficient as Quadon does, opens up the telecommunications market and gives consumers complete freedom to choose the right service for them. With its intelligent and highly functional architecture, the Quadon NP system is reliable, adaptable and suitable for the highest demands in the sector. Contact Teletech today for your solution.