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The systems of number portability (mnp systems) ensure that consumers can keep the same mobile or landline telephone number even after changing the communications provider. This is important for many people, because it guarantees continuity: people can keep their phone numbers, which is especially important for businesses and institutions. That is why our product is very useful for those stakeholders that  need to integrate a solution for their mnp processes. In that case they need a reliable and comprehensive product which can be easily implemented. Our Quadon™ NP Gateway is a comprehensive mnp system, developed for operators of fixed, mobile and VAS communications. It can be deployed immediately and integrated into NP CRDB, as well as the key network elements, e.g. HLR/switch, billing, CRM. Our experts are at your service to provide first-hand advice and information about product access, integration and maintenance.


Our solution for reliable and easy mnp anywhere in the world for your market share

With our vast experience and extensive client base, we have been able to develop a mnp system, which ensures that we deliver the most trustworthy, safe and state-of-the-art mnp processes to you and your clients. We respect international standards and ensure a balance of costs. Our mnp system Quadon™ NP also uniquely integrates LLU and ENUM and applications and services. We have designed it to be modular and scalable, with highest-availability design. It features tools for operators regarding logging, alarming, reporting and monitoring. What is important in mnp for telecommunications markets is removing the barrier to switching, so it benefits particularly the challenger carriers.

Choose Quadon™ NP from Teletech- world expert in mnp process for mobile operators

Most people are extremely reluctant to change their mobile numbers. With Quadon™ NP from Teletech this process is easy, quick and efficient for any operator in the world. If a client wants to keep the number while changing the provider, the new provider just starts the mnp process by using the mnp system. Quadon™ NP is a near-bullet-proof reliable system, which is upgradeable and extendable with further resources, as need may be. Its architecture is designed in several modules and is extremely flexible. You can easily add additional services, such as LLU, ENUM or user ENUM, which does not have an impact on production services already active. The mnp process duration will depend on the national regulations, but can be extremely quick.

Mnp process Teletech

The highest-quality mnp solution independent of your national mnp process

In various parts of the world, there are different approaches to mobile operators’ mnp process. The term "recipient-led" porting mostly refers to the international/European standard: when a client wants to change the provider, they request to keep the number by sending the request for number portability to the current - donor - network. Approaches to customer experiences also vary and in some countries, e.g. announcements to callers will be included to alert the caller to the switch. The mnp system Quadon™ NP from Teletech guarantees that - regardless of where you are located in the world - the duration of the mnp process will be the shortest possible. It can even be immediate. The system is designed bearing in mind the highest telecommunications standards and needs. We always ensure that communication lines and protocols are secured. This mnp system has built-in data cons. algorithms and databases, which are geographically dislocated. Its design is modular and founded on open standards. Above all else, its integration and maintenance into national mnp processes are uncomplicated and user-friendly. Choose Quadon™ NP from Teletech and be among hundreds of satisfied clients that we have all over the world. Please contact us through web or phone from any location or any language.