Mobile portability: same number, new network

Mobile portability services allow customers to change network provider, while retaining the same phone number. In the communication age, our mobile phone numbers have become indispensable social assets, keeping us connected to the world. A change in mobile phone number is, therefore, a very sensitive issue. Mobile portability helps customers find the best deals and services without losing touch for a moment.

Mobile portability: free choice for customers

Mobile portability is essential for customers full freedom of choice. Different mobile service providers provide an array of products and services to entice the customer. They may feel frequently drawn to new providers who are offering something new or who better suit their needs than their current operator. However, the prospect of changing mobile phone number can be a major dampener on the customer’s enthusiasm - informing friends, family and business associates of the change is very labour-intensive, not to mention that there is a risk of losing some contacts altogether. This means the customer is not able to move network provider with ease. Mobile portability services can provide procedures that remove this sticking factor and give customers freedom to switch providers with ease.

mobile portability schememobile portability procedure

Mobile portability services: centralised data

A number of solutions exist for mobile portability. Procedures for transferring mobile phone numbers are handled in early systems in a decentralised manner (Decentralised Number Portability systems). This means that operators directly negotiate the porting process. As a result, the transfer often becomes drawn-out, expensive procedure that risks problems in data inconsistency and routing between the two companies. Systems that employ centralised processes are much better. Use of a central reference database (CRDB) is a good step in this direction for more efficient mobile portability. Schemes that include a CRDB avoid routing problems because all data is held in one reliable source. Operators still negotiate directly but, with all of them referring to CRDB, the process is streamlined.

Mobile portability services: centralised operation

More efficient are mobile portability schemes in which all communication between operators, regarding mobile portability, goes through one centralised location. Clearing Houses allow for maximum efficiency to the process of mobile portability. The procedure is standardised and all operators must abide by the rules of the Clearing House, thus making the transference process quick, clean and fair. Teletech’s Quadon number portability solution takes the best practices of Clearing Houses and adds further innovation for an even better service. For the customer, this is the optimal solution, as the Quadon number portability solution is designed to be a one-stop shop. A customer can simply visit their new service provider, who can initiate and deal with the procedure entirely by using Quadon.


Maximum efficiency and security for mobile portability

Teletech’s Quadon number portability solution is a complete solution. The procedure of number porting becomes simple and easy for the customer, with no waiting times, minimal risk of data loss and no need to worry and tracking. Mobile portability is handled in a clean and professional manner, with maximum benefit to customers, operators and regulatory authorities. All the benefits of a centralised Clearing House are kept and added superb data security, high availability hardware, advanced reporting and monitoring systems with fast and reliable connections. The comprehensive service comes with inclusive help and support services at every level to ease customers and operators alike through the process. The flexible and scalable architecture of the Quadon NP system also means that additional services may be added without affecting the normal functioning of the system, so that efficiency is never compromised. Contact Teletech today for your solution.