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CRDB local number portability

The Quadon mobile number portability gateway (Quadon MNP GW) is a complete solution for number portability for operators that uses a central reference database (CRDB). It becomes the central connector between the CRDB, other departments and core network elements. It provides a secure and accurate local number portability process.

CRDB number porting

Having a central reference database (CRDB) in a local number portability process makes for optimal accuracy and efficiency. Rather than customer information being held by each operator individually, it is instead held in one secure location, to which all operators have access. In this way, during number porting, the receiving operator gets the necessary customer information directly from the CRDB. This is a faster process than operator-to-operator porting, less susceptible to error and the data comes in a standard format, which makes it easier to process.

CRDB porting for operators

Within an operating company, the CRDB plays a similar role as the one described above; the CRDB is shared amongst the different sections and elements of the company through use of the Quadon mobile number porting gateway (Quadon MNP GW). Personnel in the different sections of the company can use the gateway to implement local number portability processes. The Quadon MNP GW acts as the central gateway for all number portability processes. For shops and resellers, it is used to port in information from the CRDB. Port-out requests may be handled by the customer care department, which also uses the gateway to send the required information from the CRDB to the receiving operator. CRM/Billing departments and SIM registration databases may also be included in these processes via the Quadon MNP GW. Equally, it is used to port information between operators.

CRDB portinglocal number portability process

Quadon MNP GW: efficient and adaptable

The Quadon MNP GW works by using web GUI applications and internal STK applications. In this way, it keeps working even in the face of internet connectivity problems. It communicates with the CRDB via web service interface methods in such a way that is fully compatible with the CRDB. Stores use the web GUI applications to order port-ins and resellers may use internal STK applications. Being web-based, the GUI applications that control manual implementation of porting require no installation and are easily usable. The gateway fits completely in with operators’ existing networks and works with fixed and mobile networks. Furthermore, the architecture is highly modulated, making it very readily adaptable to future updates and changes.

Quadon MNP GW: secure and reliable

The Quadon MNP GW has a number of features for maximum security and maintenance. Full system logs are made of all events in the system. The logs are therefore detailed, but limiting search functions make search easy. Alarms are generated in response to unusual actions or logging modifications; attempts to perform unauthorised functions or to access unauthorised data. Alarm functions are also built more widely into the system. Simple monitoring devices allow for the setting of traps and alarms concerning emails. Furthermore, all hardware components can be duplicated for security in the instance of faults occurring. Faults are recognised automatically and fixed immediately. Data backups are implemented regularly (incremental, daily; full, weekly) using Oracle backup and recovery tools. All backups and upgrades are completed without needing any down-time or even having an impact on the system.

Efficient porting with Quadon MNP GW and CRDB

Teletech’s Quadon MNP GW solution provides an optimally efficient solution for local number portability using a CRDB. Porting is made efficient, secure and reliable by the advanced architecture and innovative system. Contact Teletech today for your solution. More at