Number portability and more made easy with our Quadon NP

Teletech is a telecommunications company that assures customers from all over the world a one-of-a-kind service and IT-solutions, also in the area of portability. We have experience and world-class experts, which allows us to give you the most adequate system, easily manageable and integrated into your existing IT tools. Before aligning Quadon NP, we will make sure to do the proper local number portability check, where we will verify all local requirements and adapt the system to them. The unique modules of this solution are designed to be used anywhere in the world. The focus of our company has always been on the highest possible quality and sustainability while guaranteeing transparency and mutual cooperation with all our partners. For this reason, regulators and operators alike have chosen us for their solution provider.

local number portability

Number portability: how it works

From the general public's point of view, it is cumbersome and even harmful to change landline or mobile numbers, especially in business. Therefore the universal expectation is to be able to keep the number when changing telecommunications operators. With the rhythm of modern life accelerating, people increasingly expect to have this process running smoothly and even prefer the switch to be immediate and unnoticeable. The speed of porting the numbers will depend on national regulations because the rules vary between countries. Therefore all regulators need to do a thorough check of local number portability requirements before setting-up the central portability database where all number transfers are recorded. Regardless of your chosen system, it must assure porting in and porting out, a thorough recording of all numbers and switching between different operators. Our unique solution, Quadon NP, also allows for integrating with existing tools that you might already be using for related operations in customer relations. It is also linkable to web applications that manage email, billing and invoicing, monitoring and emailing.

number portability check

An integrated number portability system which does more than porting numbers

With Quadon NP you will get all the benefits of a comprehensive and all-encompassing solution made to highest standards, which integrates other applications and modules. This product links and communicates between the central portability database and the environments of all operators that need to be involved into the process of portability. The communication is done through web service interfaces and this structure is adaptable in the future. Customers and operators, who recognise the benefits of number portability, are changing operators more often due to flexible technical and regulatory circumstances. With the local number portability checked by our experts and the multifaceted solution that we developed, you will be able to profit from the market conditions in your area and leverage growth through our unique product.


Our system completely supports the technical and administrative processes, which are imposed by the central portability database. We have included a web based gui application, allowing for manual porting from various operator stores or offices. This application ensures simple accessing of standard protocols. It can also be integrated with CRM systems of your choice and helps the operators to fully automatize the porting procedures.

Our solutions are developed with the client in mind. We value your feedback and regularly adapt our innovative ideas so that our extensive world-wide client base can profit from the best in the market. We will be happy to customize our solutions to fir your particular situation or need. Contact us for more information and surf our website for additional introductions to our products.